Chapter 47 - Celebrations and Commiserations

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As soon as hugs had been had all round and Dumbledore had assured Harry that everything else was a formality and he would see to it that Sirius' wand was returned, etcetera, Draco made sure Harry got back to Hogwarts by the fastest method possible.

"Everything went well, Gentlemen?" Madam Pomfrey asked as soon as they entered the hospital wing.

"Perfectly, thank you, Madam Pomfrey," Draco replied, "but I'd just like to make sure the Veritaserum had no lasting effects on this idiot here."

He had not been happy with how long Fudge had dragged things out, not at all.

"Your idiot," Harry muttered, but he was about dead on his feet.

"Of course, if you'd just like to sit Mr Potter down here," the school nurse invited and indicated a chair.

The way Harry went without a fight spoke volumes. The way he tensed as soon as Madam Pomfrey started to use her diagnostic charms screamed even more loudly that he was not in top shape. Draco was all too aware of the signs.

"Energy levels low, but no other signs of distress," Madam Pomfrey said in short order. "I prescribe food and then sleep."

Only then did Draco sigh in relief.

"Thank you very much, Madam Pomfrey," he said, "I believe I can handle that. Come on, Harry, before you fall asleep where you're sitting."

"Thank you," Harry said, or at least tried to, it was rather mumbled, but Draco was pretty sure Madam Pomfrey got the message.

"Have a good Christmas holiday," Draco said as he guided Harry out of the room.

He knew many of the staff had stayed on an extra few days just in case they were needed after Sirius' trial. It was a stark indication of exactly how much faith most of Hogwarts had in the Ministry.

"And you, Gentlemen," Madam Pomfrey replied. "Do try to relax, Healer's orders."

"Oh, I intend to make sure we do," Draco replied and threw a smile over his shoulder at the woman.

Harry was not going to do more than open presents and eat over Christmas if Draco had any say in the matter.

He accosted a house elf who was going about her business on the way back to their room and asked her if she could request that the kitchen elves bring some food up for them. She was more than happy to help. Then he just had to steer Harry in the right direction.

"We missed the end of term," Harry said suddenly, as if he'd only just realised it.

"Yes we did," he replied, "but don't worry, we were busy and nobody minded."

"Weren't we supposed to be on the train to escort it back to London?"

"No, not this time."

"Everyone else did."

Of course Harry would have realised that now.

"Like I said, we were busy," Draco insisted. "If you recall you were up at six that morning to practice with Sirius in preparation for today, so stop worrying about it."


"Harry, I know you're half asleep, but don't be an idiot."

Harry half closed green eyes opened a bit wider at that and glared at him.

"I'm not being an idiot, we were asleep for weeks, everyone was covering for us for so long ..."

Draco kissed him to stop him talking. Luckily Harry wasn't expecting the move so did not simply move to their mental connection.

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