Chapter 76 - Repercussions

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Conversation over lunch was very deliberately kept to anything that didn't involve everything that had happened. Of course that couldn't last and Harry agreed when Draco suggested they invite their close friends back to their quarters to talk. They arranged it so Hermione and Ron would arrived slightly before Seamus and Neville, because Draco knew Harry would want to talk to his best friends first.

However, it seemed that everyone and their kneazle wanted to talk to Harry once lunch was finished, so their plans went a little awry. Draco let it go on for about half an hour, because he could tell most of it wasn't making an impact on Harry anyway. It wasn't until a Hufflepuff said something stupid about heroic battles and seemed completely oblivious to how uncomfortable it was making Harry, that Draco put a stop to it. He glanced at those who had stayed around discretely to make sure they were okay and that was it.

Frankly it still amazed him how efficient their friends could be when required. All he had to do was look at Hermione and there was suddenly a path to the door with not even an errant first year to block their path. He was all too aware that at some point Harry's brain was going to come back fully online, and he definitely didn't want it to be in the middle of the Great hall.

It didn't take them long to make it back to their quarters, at least once Draco had dragged Harry away from staring a one or two things only he could see. By that point they only had Ron and Hermione in tow.

"Now let me look at you properly," Hermione said as soon as the door to their room was closed.

It was eerily similar to Pansy's reaction and Draco couldn't help wondering how many other people were likely to do the same thing.

"We're fine, Mione, promise," Harry said, smiling at his friend's concern.

"You died," Hermione pointed out.

"Not quite," Harry said, and Draco knew that was precisely the wrong thing to say.

"Not quite?" Hermione's voice increased in volume. "Every healer in Hogwarts, which was a lot, I might add, thought you were both dead. You'd been laid out for ten minutes. How does that count as not quite?"

"Umm," Harry was as eloquent as ever.

"What Harry means," Draco said, "is we're sorry to have worried you, but we're pretty sure life lingers a little longer than traditional wisdom believes, because we did not cross over."

"What was it like, Mate?" Ron asked, placing an arm round Hermione and pulling her toward him as she sagged a little.

Draco was pretty sure Hermione was holding back tears. She had been efficient and stoic until now, but it was clearly not just Harry who was still dealing with shock.

"Peaceful," Harry replied and sat down on the bed. "Sorry, Mione, I didn't mean to upset you."

"I'm sorry too," Hermione said, "I shouldn't have raised my voice."

"It's been long few days," Draco put in. "I think it'll be a while before any of us feel normal again."

"Pansy already gave us the 'don't do it again' speech in the hospital wing," Harry added, with a tiny smile.

"How is Greg?" Hermione asked, clearly using it as a distraction.

"Going to be fine as soon as they let him wake up," Draco replied, taking the out for what it was.

There were going to be some long conversations in their near future, he was sure, but not quite yet. The fact Voldemort was dead was still sinking in. When it had, maybe they would start talking about it properly.

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