Familiaris Amissa  by Rae7122
Familiaris Amissa by Rae7122
After a bout of accidental magic at age 9 Harry is beaten within an inch of his life. His magic sends him some place safe and a letter from his mother appears to help hi...
  • dracoxharry
  • drarry
  • matureaudience
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 You're The Saviour Now  by ToniLoueRose
You're The Saviour Now by ToniLoueRose
Drarry fanfiction ~ years after the battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter is living with his 14 year old godson Teddy. They're happily living together, until Teddy gets po...
  • dracoxharry
  • teddy
  • magicalcreatures
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Secret Admirer (A Drarry Fanfic) by SimplyConstellation
Secret Admirer (A Drarry Fanfic)by The Kawaii Eren
Harry starts receiving letters from a secret admirer.
  • secretadmirer
  • drarry
  • harryxdraco
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Sex Before Love (Drarry) by ryouta_raven
Sex Before Love (Drarry)by Cat
A few years after the War of Hogwarts and the death of Lupin, Fred, and countless others, Draco and Harry run into each other at the train station, both waiting for thei...
  • seamusfinnegan
  • harryxdraco
  • boyxboy
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Mistakes and Reasons (Drarry) by Clevermess
Mistakes and Reasons (Drarry)by Drarry Duchess
13 years after the war, Harry found himself very happy. He was engaged to Ginny and watched over his godson Teddy. What happens after a relationship breaking secret gets...
  • drarry
  • boyxboy
  • afterwar
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Text Fic Drarry (En) - Saving the enemy by Learmony
Text Fic Drarry (En) - Saving the...by Learmony
Text fic. Takes place after the war, Draco and Harry return to Hogwarts for their eight year and start texting each other. Or the story where they're helping each other...
  • funny
  • nevillexblaise
  • draco
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New World Order by Lemon-Lord
New World Orderby Lonely Lemon
Before he could die, Voldemort put a spell on the world that if he were to die in the war, the following generations would have to quickly find a spouse and g
  • drarry
  • newworldorder
  • ronweasley
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Morning Sun ¦ drarry by stayblue-
Morning Sun ¦ drarryby bobby lyn
"I guarantee that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life." In which Draco works in a muggle candle shop after the war, Harry is...
  • afterthewar
  • morningsun
  • postwar
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Married And Pregnant {Drarry} {Mpreg} by UniKitty321
Married And Pregnant {Drarry} {Mpr...by UniKitty
After a one night stand, where draco is sexually frustrated and not sure he is gay, he gets Harry pregnant. After a one night stand, where Harry is a little vulnerable n...
  • 8thyear
  • bxb
  • boylove
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Room Of Requirement ✔(Draco x Harry) COMPLETED by frecklefetish
Room Of Requirement ✔(Draco x Harr...by wowza
Slash// Draco needs Harry right now, in class. They travel to the Room of Requirement, where they've been meeting for a while. Things get heated and the two boys make lo...
  • gay
  • smutwarning
  • romance
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Daddys little boy (Drarry) {DDLB} by UniKitty321
Daddys little boy (Drarry) {DDLB}by UniKitty
This is a DDLB story (daddy-dom, little-boy.) Daddy Draco Little Harry. Harry has had the little space since he can remember. though he never knew what it actually was...
  • unikitty321
  • harrypotter
  • bxb
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Hopeless|Drarry text au by SnowWolf_Goddess
Hopeless|Drarry text auby Lani de Snek
SlyFerret|: y is ur name 'BendyMan'? BendyMan|: cos im not str8 ;P SlyFerret|: ahhh, gay then? BendyMan|: bi actually, wbu? [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][...
  • lgbt
  • wattpride
  • gryffindor
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What If? - Drarry by EviesReality
What If? - Drarryby EviesReality
A Drarry fanfiction based upon a simple question - what if Draco had met Harry in a different way to how it happened in the books? I try to follow JK's basic storyline s...
  • harryxdraco
  • fanfiction
  • chaptered
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Deaf and Mute (Drarry) ON HOLD by ScarlettHeks
Deaf and Mute (Drarry) ON HOLDby ScarlettHeks
Harry Potter finds out he's a wizard, when he receives a letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry. Harry's excited to go to school and get away from his ab...
  • boyxboy
  • harryxdraco
  • dracoxharry
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Just Not Cut Out for Torture (HP - Drarry) by ShiloQuetchenbach
Just Not Cut Out for Torture (HP...by Whimsical Dragonette
Drarry Hogwarts 7th year AU. The summer before 7th year, a restless Harry Potter is captured and taken to Malfoy Manor. Together, he and Draco Malfoy escape to Grimmauld...
  • dracoxharry
  • harrypotterfanfic
  • thecrownawards
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Death Adopts by Aira_Preverell
Death Adoptsby Ariana Nicole Wells
Harry Potter Fanfiction About Harry Potter and his journey through Hogwarts as Deaths adopted son. It follows the storyline in some parts but I've mostly changed all of...
  • orphan
  • school
  • drarry
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Fiendfyre || drarry (completed) by seenandunforeseen
Fiendfyre || drarry (completed)by ella
When Draco Malfoy returned to Hogwarts to complete his studies, body and mind alike slashed with battle scars, he had never expected the increased inter-house competitio...
  • lgbt
  • eighthyear
  • draco
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A Veela's Heart And Demon's Soul {Drarry} by UniKitty321
A Veela's Heart And Demon's Soul {...by UniKitty
After the war Harry and Draco learn of there new inheritance's. Warnings : This is boyxboy don't like don't read (Completed)
  • drarry
  • eightyear
  • gayship
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| Mine | Drarry by sleepmaniac
Students, including The Golden Trio, are returning to Hogwarts, because the new headmistress Minerva McGonagall decides to repeat the final year. Unfortunately, there...
  • boyxboy
  • dracomalfoy
  • drarryfanfic
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My Daddy ~ Drarry DDLB by _Grant_M_
My Daddy ~ Drarry DDLBby Found_The_Holy_Water
Harry starts to have desires to be treated like a little kid. He realizes that he wants someone to take care of him. That someone just so happens to be someone he can't...
  • daddy
  • harry
  • drarry
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