Chapter 11 - Unpleasantness

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Snape looked about as unhappy as Harry had ever seen him. The glare that came his way as he and Draco walked into the potions classroom could have been lethal.

[Uh-oh,] he commented to his soulmate.

[It's an act,] Draco replied.

It didn't look like an act to Harry. Not sure what he would see he lowered his shields slightly. He was shocked to find Draco was right. The emotions he could see hovering around the Potions Master were not exactly happy, but neither did they go with the murderous visage Snape was showing the world.

[Supposed to be a Death Eater, remember?] Draco commented and raised an elegant eyebrow at Harry.

[So he would be taking this class under extreme protest,] Harry concluded and Draco gave him a small smile. [Why do I get the feeling this is still not going to be fun?]

[Because Snape's a very good actor.]

When Snape finally stood the whole room went completely silent instantly.

[One day I'm going to inspire that reaction,] Draco said and Harry had no doubt his soulmate was actually serious.

"The headmaster, in his wisdom," Snape said, voice as low and menacing as ever, "has put it upon me to teach students potions far beyond their talents. Hence in this class there will be no tomfoolery, not chatter, no frivolity and, most of all, no incompetence."

The way Snape looked at him, Harry suspected he knew who would get it in the neck if there was.

"I do not intend to waste my time," Snape continued. "This summer the brightest students will learn how to brew antidotes to certain poisons and curses. Those not competent of that will be brewing sleeping drafts and pain relief potions, which all of you should already know. All successful potions will be added to Madam Pomfrey's stores for the coming year."

Harry didn't think Snape expected there to be many successful potions.

"Today you will each brew the potion on the piece of parchment in front of you," Snape said. "You will be rated on the result."

Harry went to pick up his instructions.

"Mr Potter," Snape's voice stopped him, "the potion requires the sap of the singing willow, to which you are allergic. Since Mr Malfoy is my most outstanding student I will be forced to accept you into the advanced group anyway, so go and sit in the far corner. Do not move or speak until the class is over."

[Here we go,] Harry said. [I'm only allergic to three things so he did this deliberately.]

[Clever really,] Draco replied, [it makes his point, but it harmless in the long run.]

"Yes, Professor," Harry said and walked to the dingy back of the room.

It was going to be such a fun afternoon.

* * *

Harry had absolutely no doubt what was going to be on the agenda next as the seventh years all walked back into the Great Hall and recognised the set up for Apparition class. He very much did not relish the thought. For him Apparition was akin to low level torture, even if it was incredibly useful.

"Welcome," one thing that did surprise Harry was it was Dumbledore who greeted them, "and welcome to Apparition for Emergency Situations. Due to an unfortunate scheduling error with the Ministry, I will be supervising the test section of this class."

[Scheduling error my arse,] was Draco's opinion on the matter, [he just wants to be able to find out what everyone can do without the Ministry breathing down his neck.]

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