Chapter 9 - Animagi

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 A/N: I know this chapter completely ignores certain canon information to which we are now privy - but I wrote it way before most of the canon it contradicts came out and I like it, so I kept it :D  

* * *

Of course rumours in Hogwarts spread like mushrooms in the dark, so everyone knew everything that had happened by bedtime. That made the beginning of breakfast the next day a somewhat tenser affair than usual.

Draco looked around and noticed there were a few of the younger students missing as well.

[I think it was too much for some,] he commented as he and Harry took their seats.

[If I get my hands on whoever did it, they'll know what too much really is,] Harry replied.

There was no evidence to say this was anything to do with him or Harry, but Draco could understand why his soulmate was taking it personally. The timing hadn't been right to specifically target them, but that could have just been a mistake. When things like this happened anywhere near them, Draco automatically assumed they were the focus.

If how many times they had been asked about it already that morning was anything to go by, so did everyone else.

"Here we go," Hermione said quietly as Dumbledore stood up at the head table.

"Good morning, everyone," the headmaster greeted, all smiles. "Now I know there are many rumours flying around as to the nature of the accident that occurred during one of the summer classes yesterday. I am pleased to be able to say, we believe it to be nothing more than an ill-conceived and badly executed joke. There are signs the safety measures for the class were deactivated by accident while attempting to deactivate a different spell."

[I'd hate to think of a world where Dumbledore decided to use his powers for evil,] Draco commented. [I know it's a lie and I almost believe him.]

[Why do you think Fudge is terrified of him,] Harry replied. [He could be Minister of Magic a hundred times over if he really wanted to.]

"The Aurors will be keeping an eye out to make sure the prankster does not try to rectify their mistake, however, I very much hope we can put this all behind us and carry on," Dumbledore finished. "Do enjoy your breakfast."

Draco felt Harry relax when the headmaster finished his speech without so much as mentioning him. Everyone already knew Harry had saved the day again, but it seemed to matter to Harry that it not be brought up. Draco had taken to glaring at anyone he thought might mention that aspect of the whole situation.

"So where are we this morning," Seamus asked with a lovely mouthful of toast, "I forgot to look?"

"Transfiguration's classroom, you uncouth barbarian," Draco said, taking great delight in the whole thing.

Among Gryffindors he had to enjoy what he could.

Seamus had the gall to grin at him.

[How the mighty have fallen,] Draco complained to Harry, [once I inspired terror.]

Harry almost choked on his cereal.

* * *

Walking into the Transfigurations classroom to find Professor McGonagall was not really a surprise, after all, she was a stalwart of Hogwarts. However, Harry wasn't sure what she would be teaching them. Tonks was already covering disguise and steal, which involved Transfiguration, so it could be a follow on from that, but then why wasn't Tonks there as well?

McGonagall was one of the foremost experts in Transfiguration in the world, but Harry doubted the advanced end of the subject would be much use in defence.

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