Chapter 20 - Back to Normal?

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Draco knew a thing or two about interrogation techniques, he'd made it his business to investigate such matters in the time between first meeting Voldemort and when he and Harry had bonded. He hadn't had much use for the knowledge since, but he was in awe of Albus Dumbledore.

Even though the headmaster had Fitzsimons right where he wanted him and susceptible to Legilimency, Dumbledore still interrogated the man like a master. And he made it look so easy. Fitzsimons spilled information like it was going out of fashion, even if most of it was useless. The man didn't even know who else was or was not part of his section of the Unspeakables.

By the time Dumbledore was done, Draco only mostly wanted to strangle Fitzsimons.

"You'll spend the rest of your lives in Azkaban for this," Fitzsimons snarled as the headmaster finally turned away from him.

"Of course we won't, Mr Fitzsimons," Dumbledore said.

"Everything you have just done is illegal. I operate with the highest authority."

"Oh, My Dear Boy," the headmaster said and Draco thought the headmaster almost felt sorry for his prisoner, "if you did, do you really think they would have removed their identity from your mind. You will be filed away as a rogue agent on an insane mission. If you are very unlucky you may even be implicated as an agent of Voldemort himself."

Fitzsimons frowned, worry etched in his features. Draco was pretty sure the man had never thought about it like that. The Unspeakable remained that way for several seconds before wildly shaking his head.

"You'll still be going down with me," he snarled.

"Wrong again, I'm afraid," Dumbledore said and for just a moment the twinkle in his eye looked anything but friendly. "Tonks, Minerva, Remus if you would be so good as to take Mr Fitzsimons back to the History of Magic classroom. He's going to have a small accident."

"You would never kill me," Fitzsimons said, clearly stunned by the headmaster's words.

"Oh, nothing so dramatic," Dumbledore said. "You are going to hit your head while attempting to escape. This, of course, will cause considerable concussion and an unfortunate short term memory lapse. Our upstanding Aurors will immediately transfer you to the proper authorities within their department for processing. I doubt very much that the Minister will want a thorough investigation, and you will very likely be on the way to Azkaban by lunch time tomorrow."

Fitzsimons paled at that.

"You can't..."

Dumbledore lifted his wand and spoke one word: "Obliviate."

It seemed that the headmaster was a whole department of experts all rolled into one.

* * *

The previous evening, Dumbledore had sent everyone except himself, Tonk, Remus and Professor McGonagall off to bed while they dealt with Fitzsimons. By the next morning the summer students were all abuzz about something happening in the depths of the night, of course.

"What's our first class," Harry asked Hermione as he sat down at the Gryffindor table, "I'm all turned around after the last couple of days."

"Defensive flying," Hermione provided without a pause.

Draco and Harry had given Ron, Hermione and Pansy the heads up that the need for secrecy was finished, but, so far, they were the only ones who knew the truth.

"You joining us mere mortals again?" Seamus asked from over his porridge.

"The saboteur was caught last night," Draco answered for them both, "there's no need for everything anymore."

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