Familiaris Amissa  by Rae7122
Familiaris Amissa by Rae7122
After a bout of accidental magic at age 9 Harry is beaten within an inch of his life. His magic sends him some place safe and a letter from his mother appears to help hi...
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Entwine | DH | ✓ by siriuslymack
Entwine | DH | ✓by Mackenzie
"Well maybe you're stupider than I previously thought, Potter. You're just going to sign your life away to your former enemy and expect it to be okay?" "T...
  • pride
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  • boyxboy
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Sneak (Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter) by Carperya000
Sneak (Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter)by Octavia Ryan Luanne Carpenter
"Did I just see you kiss Draco Malfoy?" Ron asked, eyes wide. "Of course not, are you insane!? I was whispering to him how much I hate him..." Harry...
  • malfoy
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The Bet (Drarry) by dont_mess_with_me_03
The Bet (Drarry)by Allen
Completed✔️ 14 Chapters plus Epilogue creature fic ⚠️⚠️⚠️HUGE TRIGGER WARNING BTW DONT READ IF EASILY TRIGGERED⚠️⚠️⚠️ Everyone in the school, has a high price bet going...
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A Slytherin's Mate? by HomosexualGod
A Slytherin's Mate?by Yaoi_Writer
(I do not own anything related to Harry Potter except for the dark Lord's wand. Also this is a Harry x Draco love story so please if you do not like homosexual things th...
  • yaoi
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Deaf and Mute (Drarry) by ScarlettHeks
Deaf and Mute (Drarry)by ScarlettHeks
Harry Potter finds out he's a wizard, when he receives a letter from Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry. Harry's excited to go to school and get away from his ab...
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SNAPCHAT (;DRARRY) by vloedemort
(ONGOING) - dracomalvoi : pansy are you up - dracomalvoi : you won't believe who potter talked to earlier - harryjp : malfoy? ° snapchat + drarry au - -type : chaptered...
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Let's Help Each Other by pointlesstests
Let's Help Each Otherby IDFK ITS ALEX
When two rivals are forced to speak, so as to not die of boredom, a mutual friendship is born. But when Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter both reveal secrets that not even t...
  • potter
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Amortentia {A Drarry Fic} by Xx_drarry_rebelle_xX
Amortentia {A Drarry Fic}by angel janeé lucifer
"Why does the room reek of Malfoy's cologne?" "This is Amortentia, Harry. It's a love potion. It smells different to everyone depending on what what attra...
  • harrypotter
  • romance
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Unfortunate Circumstances by Taynado
Unfortunate Circumstancesby Taynado
The world hated Draco Malfoy or at least that what he believed when Ron Weasley placed a very broken looking Harry Potter in the bed next to his in the Hospital wing. Ye...
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raging smut | drarry by lipstickmess
raging smut | drarryby amy
oneshots with smut, mostly ranging from 1000 to 10000 words. credit given. please don't read this if you don't want to.
  • harry
  • billie
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Draco's secret (Drarry) by fem-cry
Draco's secret (Drarry)by Erin maertens
Draco was actually born as a girl but her father forced her to live as a boy to be his heir. Draco must keep this secret as well as the secret that Lucius abuses her and...
  • draco
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This Heavenly Hell (boyxboy) (drarry) (Book 3 of Roomates) by Clevermess
This Heavenly Hell (boyxboy) (drar...by Drarry Duchess
Third and last book of Roommates series No Magic AU 11 Years later Character rights to the lovely JK Rowling
  • malfoyxpotter
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In his shadow by MeineKeime
In his shadowby MeineKeime
Harry Potter, the second son to the Alpha James Potter and his Beta wife Lilly. He himself turns out to be a Omega, much to the displeasure of his parents. And when he...
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The Secrets in His Eyes by SlytherinSabriel
The Secrets in His Eyesby SlytherinSabriel
At a meeting with the DA, all is going well until Ron accidentally hits Harry with a charm that brings his worst nightmare to life. WARNING: Mentions of Abuse
  • chochang
  • ronweasley
  • dracomalfoy
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The Silver Snakes by LeahBates2
The Silver Snakesby Ackerman19
We all know the story of Harry Potter, but what would happen if he was betrayed? Harry Potter is betrayed by those that he held dear, only a few remaining with the boy. ...
  • darkharry
  • harryanddraco
Drarry One Shots by IyolaG
Drarry One Shotsby IyolaG
One shots A little smut The more you read, the more smut I don't own any of the art used
  • harryxdraco
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  • hogwarts
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The Resorting of Hogwarts by pointlesstests
The Resorting of Hogwartsby IDFK ITS ALEX
What happens when Hogwarts goes through an entire resorting? Will Harry make friends in his new house?
  • resorting
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Just Not Cut Out for Torture (HP - Drarry) by ShiloQuetchenbach
Just Not Cut Out for Torture (HP...by Whimsical Dragonette
Drarry Hogwarts 7th year AU. The summer before 7th year, a restless Harry Potter is captured and taken to Malfoy Manor. Together, he and Draco Malfoy escape to Grimmauld...
  • harryxdraco
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Drarry Oneshots by TheBooksAreBetter1
Drarry Oneshotsby The Literal Worst
Well this wasn't planned.
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