Chapter 3 - Affirmation

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A/N: This chapter earns the mature rating.

As it turned out, Draco was not in a completely heartless mood and Harry found the door to the prefects' bathroom opened when he spoke the password. He slipped inside and, with a thought, disabled the password, effectively locking the door behind him.

Draco was already in the bath, water cascading from two of the taps into the almost full pool. No matter how many times he used it, the prefects' bathroom was always spectacular to Harry, even more so with Draco in it. The opulent setting seemed to fit his soulmate and the way the rising steam made Draco's skin glisten had Harry licking his lips in anticipation.

There was something almost ethereal about Draco with all his pale skin and pale hair among the mist above the hot water. Harry was captivated.

When Draco looked up at him, silver eyes clear and just slightly smiling, Harry's breath caught in his throat. Sometimes he couldn't believe this was his life, that Draco was his and he was Draco's. Maybe it was the view combined with everything else, but he felt his heart swell and his throat tighten as he just stood there.

"Come here you ridiculous Gryffindor," Draco said, shaking his head fondly.

Harry didn't need inviting twice. He padded around the edge of the bath, slipping off his shoes, glasses and robe and putting their toiletries on top, before sliding into the water. It was beautifully warm and he bobbed under and back up again, pushing his way over to Draco with one stroke.

"Now, I believe you had some learning to do," Draco said.

Harry's erection had wilted a little with the practicalities of gathering everything they needed and making his way to the prefect's bathroom, but it sprang back to life at those words. He leaned in to Draco, kissing those perfect lips that held just a hint of a mischievous smile.

Draco responded, opening his mouth and darting his tongue over Harry's lips. There was no question that Harry would not open up to Draco and the kiss deepened. Harry let himself fall into the feel of Draco as well, focussing on nothing but their connection. It was at moments like this he felt most whole, most at peace.

"Oh, Harry," Draco whispered, breaking the kiss, "is there anything you wouldn't let me do to you now?"


It was the simple truth.

"What do you want?"

"All of you," Harry replied.

"Bend over the side of the bath for me," Draco said, tone coaxing, but commanding at the same time.


"There, use the steps. I want most of you out of the water."

Harry had no problem obeying that command. It wasn't cold out of the water, but the change in temperature made little goose-bumps rise on his skin.

"For me?" Draco asked and ran a hand down his back, causing his skin to react even more.

He made a very quiet agreeing sound and Draco stepped up behind him.

When Draco reached past him to where he had left all their things, he wasn't really expecting his soulmate to pick up the flannel, but he wasn't about to argue. As long as Draco touched him, he didn't mind how.

"You have such lovely skin," Draco said, soaking the flannel in the water.

"Says the man with acres of perfect body," Harry replied with a small laugh.

"I didn't say it was better than mine," Draco told him and he gasped as Draco went straight for his more sensitive regions with the wash cloth.

It seemed Draco had something very specific in mind and Harry was just along for the ride, so he enjoyed the sensations and decided to shut up.

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