Chapter 59 - Transferring

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Fred and George were, without a doubt, two of the finest magical device makers on the face of the planet, Harry was sure. The package had come by owl Wednesday morning and after the school day was over Harry had immediately retreated to his and Draco's room to look it over. Unfortunately, Draco was stuck with a couple of his students, but Harry couldn't wait.

He emptied the parcel onto their desk. The contents looked like pretty nondescript metal discs with a W and a P monogrammed into the front, but Harry wasn't just looking with his eyes. Each one showed the intricate lattice of very complex spell-work; they were beautiful. There were twenty in all and a letter.

"Harry ole chum,

Here is the first batch, all ready for your little prank war. Once you cast your magic on them the charms will go into standby ready to be activated as requested. Then the joke will be on them ;).

Best wishes,

Fred and George

P.S. you only get one chance at your end so we packed extra."

Harry really, really wanted to share everything with Draco, but he knew he couldn't yet. They had agreed that they were keep their bond at the unconscious level when they could while the other was dealing with school work because neither of them wanted to distract the other at an important moment.

They were still acutely aware of each other and could open up at a moment's notice, but Harry did his very best to reign in his enthusiasm.

[Okay,] Draco's voice sounded dryly in his head, [I'm done, you can gush now.]

Clearly Harry had not being doing as good a job as he had hoped at keeping his exuberance to himself.

[Fred and George have outdone themselves,] he said. [The spell work on these is incredible. We owe them big time.]

[Show me.]

So Harry did. Draco could not see magic the way he could with his own eyes, but he loved to share his unique outlook with his soulmate.

[Looks like it's time to make some decisions then,] Draco said afterwards and Harry could only agree.

* * *

The discussion had gone something like:

"So how many Weasleys are going on this list?"

"For now just Ron and the twins."

"But they're as good as your family."

"And if we get a chance to do more, we'll add them, but for now just Ron and the twins."

"Which members of staff?"

"I think you're forgetting someone important first."


"Your mum."

"But she won't be involved in the defence of Hogwarts."

"No, she just happens to have become the Light's greatest ally among the previously grey purebloods. This could save her life."

Which was why Draco had invited his mother to tea the next Saturday afternoon. Their room was the second most secure location in Hogwarts after the headmaster's study, because Draco had made sure with Harry looking on, but heaven knew what privacy wards were on Dumbledore's domain from the dawn of time.

Draco had been very vague in his letter to his mother, but he had made sure she realised it was not just a casual invitation. Of course she had replied, playing the doting mother to the full. When she had first arrived they had even played at a normal family visit for a while, showing her around Hogwarts and where they were working etcetera etcetera. However now they had retired to the new staff wing.

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