Chapter 51 - Mending

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After breakfast had been presents in the drawing room. Then they had all played games, some of which Harry had never heard of, but had enjoyed immensely. They had had a snack for lunch, then sat around talking and, at about two thirty, Narcissa had excused herself to go and get ready for dinner. Draco had dragged Harry off at three and it was now half past and everyone was back downstairs.

Harry had let himself be arranged in the drawing room while they awaited the new guests. He could tell Narcissa was a little nervous about what was to come and so he played the perfect partner to the prodigal son. The fact that Narcissa was trying to build bridges with the disowned member of her family spoke volumes to how much had changed. Harry only hoped it went well.

It wasn't long before Fossy appeared in the doorway.

"Auror Nymphadora Tonks," the elf said in her high squeaky voice and then stepped out of the way.

Harry couldn't help grinning as Tonks stepped into the room. Her hair was as pale as the Malfoys with a red and green streak down one side. She was wearing a very smart, knee length dress, which was rather out done by the red and white candy striped tights she was wearing underneath it. Her shoes were flat pumps, which, with what Harry knew of Tonks, was probably a very good thing.

"Aunt Narcissa," she greeted with a smile, "thanks for the invitation."

As she walked towards Narcissa she almost tripped over the carpet, only correcting at the very last moment.

"I'm so glad you could come," Narcissa said as the two went through the ritual of cheek kissing.

It was a little stilted, but Harry could tell both women were trying. Tonks then produced what looked like a box of chocolates from somewhere that Harry had not noticed and gave it to Narcissa.

"Thank you," Narcissa said, "ah, Honeyduke's Special Collection; you clearly know my weaknesses."

[Must have talked to Aunt Andromeda,] Draco commented, [those are mum's favourite.]

[Why do you never tell me these things?] Harry bemoaned and Draco mentally laughed at him.

"Wotcher, Boys," Tonks greeted as she turned to the rest of the room, "not been getting into any trouble I hope."

"Us?" Harry asked. "Now why would you think that?"

Sirius laughed loudly.

"And Cousin Sirius," Tonks said, "my, don't you clean up well. Wotcher, Remus."

Then she plonked herself down on the sofa next to Remus and accepted a glass of champagne from the house elf with the tray, which she promptly almost dropped. It seemed when Tonks was nervous she was even more clumsy than usual.

"So did everyone get what they wanted from Father Christmas?" she asked with a bright grin.

"Well Remus didn't wrap himself with a bow..." Sirius started to say and Remus promptly hit him.

"So sorry," Remus apologise, "he's been dead for two years and it does strange things to the brain."

Sirius looked scandalised and everyone else laughed, which broke the ice nicely.

Next to arrive was Snape, who swept into the room looking impeccably turned out in all black as usual. His only nod to the season was a sprig of holly on his lapel.

"Narcissa," he greeted, taking her hand and kissing her fingers, "thank you for inviting me."

He had brought an odd shaped black bottle, sealed at the top with something gold, which he gave to Narcissa.

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