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Chapter 46 - Trial of the Century

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All Harry's pupils had been overjoyed to see him return to classes on the Monday, apparently some of those who had stood in were not stellar flying teachers. Given that, after the first day, he was only too aware why Madam Pomfrey had made him promise not to overtax himself, at least his ego was doing well.

That night he'd eaten then fallen straight to sleep, so after that he paced himself better. Every day he was more back to his normal self, but he knew he had really done a number on his system with raising Sirius. However, he did very little with his spare time for the next four days, other than practice projecting with Ron. He wanted it perfected before he and Sirius tried it. Or rather Draco was adamant about that and he kind of agreed.

However, by Friday they both deemed him ready.

They set up in the same way as with Ron, and Harry explained everything. It was only him, Sirius and Draco, so as not to create any distractions. Over his time practicing with Ron, Harry had realised that the more times he made contact with a certain mind the easier it became. However the first few times it was very easy for something to break his concentration.

"So it really does work then?" Sirius asked.

"It really works," Harry replied and nodded. "When we use the Veritaserum I have to project the truth and something about the way it all works means that I can only see what you really remember, even if you're trying to embellish it. We tried it with Ron."

"You're saying I have to really believe what I'm remembering for you to project it?" Sirius checked.

Harry nodded, not sure what his godfather was getting at.

"Amazing," Sirius said, "even a powerful Legilimens can have problems seeing through well put together lies."

He hadn't thought of it that way.

"I really don't know how it works," he admitted, "just that it does."

"Makes me really glad you're on our side," Sirius replied with a grin.

It was bravado, they were both nervous about this, Harry could tell without any of his extra abilities, but he let Sirius have it.

"Aren't we all," Draco agreed. "He'd make a really bad Dark Lord though," Draco carried on, "he has this really irritating nice streak."

That made Sirius grin for real.

[Thanks,] Harry sent to his soulmate.

"Okay," Sirius said, "so what shall I remember?"

"Something happy," Harry said as if it was simply an offhand suggestion and they didn't both know that Sirius sometimes had trouble with that.

Sirius' body had been greatly restored by his death and return to life, but his mind still held the scars of Azkaban.

"I know just the thing," Sirius said, "whenever you're ready."

Harry prepared himself as best he could, placed his hands on Sirius' shoulders and let the presence of his godfather into his awareness. He immediately stepped back.

"Sorry," he apologised.

"Did I do something wrong?" Sirius asked.

"No," Harry replied, "your presence is just a lot stronger than Ron's. It was a bit of a shock, that all. You're very there, if you see what I mean."

The small frown said that Sirius most likely didn't.

"Probably to do with having to stand up to Dementors for so many years," Draco said and made Harry look over, "that and dying. You must have a very clear sense of self to have survived."

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