Chapter 75 - Recovery

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Of course there was one fact, other than it was all over, that had Harry thinking. His wand had been destroyed along with his enemy's and he wasn't quite sure what he had to do about that. It wasn't as if he could leave Hogwarts at the moment, not with all the press and the Death Eater clear up that was going on. Yes he could do some magic without a wand, but he felt kind of bereft without it.

He had no scars from his encounter with the backlash from Voldemort's wand, the phoenix tears had seen to that, but they had also had another effect. His right hand was perfectly whole and useable, but healed into the skin were tiny shards of holly and phoenix feather. His wand must have completely disintegrated in the explosion of magic and tiny pieces of it had embedded themselves in his hand.

They didn't look terrible, just like small flecks of colour under his skin, but he was hoping there was an easy way to get rid of them.

"Gentlemen," Madam Pomfrey said as she entered the room, "I hope you are feeling rested."

"Yes thank you," Harry said, letting his hand drop back to his side.

He had slept soundly for nearly eighteen hours with Draco by his side and he was actually feeling relatively normal. The events of the previous day seemed almost like a dream.

"Your hospitality has served us as well as ever," Draco added, "thank you."

"I am very glad to hear it," the healer said. "There are many people wishing to speak with you, so I shall be as brief as I can. I must ascertain that there are no lasting effects from yesterday's encounter."

"We completely understand," Draco replied for them and sat down next to Harry on the edge of the bed.

Once they had woken they had dressed, eaten and only then announced their return to the waking world. Harry, for one, was ready to get back out into the rest of the school. He knew there had been no major casualties on the part of the defenders, but he still wanted to see for himself. That their plan had worked didn't seem quite possible.

Madam Pomfrey's medical charms were gentle and familiar and Harry was happy to just sit there as both he and Draco were examined.

"Both healthier than you were yesterday morning," Madam Pomfrey declared, "but then that is to be expected where phoenix tears are concerned. Which just leaves the question of your hand, Harry. I saw you looking at it when I came in. Would you like me to remove the fragments of your wand now, or wait until a later date?"

Harry looked down at his hand again.

[Now?] he asked Draco.

He didn't want to delay if his soulmate was feeling particularly restless.

[Whatever you want,] Draco replied. [I am sure nothing will have changed out there if we are a little bit longer.]

Harry smiled.

"Now please," he said and held out his hand dutifully.

"Just hold still, Harry," Madam Pomfrey told him, "this is a charm I have used more times than I can possibly remember. Things seem to explode in this school far more often than is to my liking. It will be slightly uncomfortable as the fragments dislodge themselves, but there should be no pain."

Harry nodded and prepared himself.

He couldn't help it, he held his breath as the school healer lifted her wand and skilfully pronounce the correct incantation. Which made it all rather anticlimactic when nothing happened.

"Unfortunate," Madam Pomfrey said after a second. "It would appear that due to the magical nature of the shards, this charm is ineffective. Never fear, Harry," she continued, "it will take a while longer, but we will just have to do it the harder way."

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