Chapter 36 - From the Horse's Mouth

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It was too soon after they had been separated. Harry knew instinctively that it wasn't like it had been when Lucius had kidnapped Draco, this wasn't a curse, but it didn't help much. The nightmares were still a common occurrence and this was too close.

"Draco," he said, as he couldn't reach his soulmate.

"Be calm, Harry," Primrose said, approaching him, "I assume Draco is your soulmate?"

Harry nodded. His heart was beating way too fast and it was very hard not to simply panic. Only Primrose's kind, calm words helped him hold it together as his mind tried to fly off into the terrible events of the previous year.

"Your mind is on a different plane to his," Primrose told him calmly, "and if, as you say, this is an accident, neither of you is prepared for it."

Harry almost laughed; he was more than not prepared for it. This was right up there with playing tag with Death Eaters. Clutching his ring, he used it to focus and try and push the fear away.

"If you concentrate on him you can bring him here as well," Primrose said. "I have only travelled once and Thomas was supposed to stay behind, but I did not like the separation either. Send out your love and your need to your Draco, he will do what he must, even if he does not understand it."

Harry nodded, stamping down on the anxiety he was feeling as well as he could and concentrating instead on the feeling of Draco. It was hard because his mind kept sending him flashes of how it had been when Draco was under Dissaepio Iugum and it was upsetting his concentration. The hard metal under his fingers that he had crafted specifically to protect them against the curse was all that kept him from losing it completely.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Primrose asked.

"We were ... someone tried ..." Harry did his best to explain, but talking about it really didn't help. "Dissaepio Iugum," is what he eventually said.

Primrose looked aghast.

"Okay, Harry," she said, looking him directly in the eye, "focus on your Draco. Send him all your love, think of nothing else. This is not a curse, he will come to you. Do you understand?"

Harry nodded. It was ridiculous, he knew what Primrose said was true, he could feel it, but the panic was still there. All he could do was as he was told and he focused everything he had on Draco. He prayed his soulmate would know what to do.

Then he felt it, a hand on his arm; a very familiar hand. It was not a gradual process, from one second to the next, Draco went from slightly obscured to totally clear in his mind, not there, to standing in front of him. Harry couldn't help the way he grabbed Draco into a hug in relief. If the glimpse he had of Draco's face and the way his soulmate clung to him as well was any indication, the feeling was mutual. The wave of relief he felt coming through their bond gave it away completely.

"Harry," Draco said, pulling back and checking him over as Draco was want to do, "what happened? What is going on."

With his soulmate right there everything was coming back into perspective and Harry began to feel silly for his panic. It was really not how he wanted to make an impression on one of his magical forebears.

"Draco, this is Primrose Bluebottle," Harry introduced.

For a moment Draco just stared at the woman and then at Harry.

"Time travel into the distant past?" Draco sounded completely incredulous. "That is impossible."

"In most cases, yes," Primrose said, smiling at Draco's adamant tone, "but Hecatemae are linked by ancient energy and unbound by the rules of existence which contain others. At times of great need we are able to reach back to those who have come before. I am very sorry it has caused you both so much distress."

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