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His Pov

I walk out of the room leaving Sarah alone. Heading downstairs into the kitchen I get all the ingredients I need to make pancakes. While mixing the batter I get lost in thought. I scoff out loud throwing the fork angrily back into the bowl. She must think i'm stupid. I know damn well she's just trying to get on my good side. I felt a pang in my heart, I love her and she's just playing around with me. But this is to be expected.. my angel is a smart one. I'm just going to have to make her love me back. 

I clinch my fist, my mind resolved on what I must do.  I reach up to the top shelf getting out a pill bottle. I've been too nice to her, she needs to understand to fear me.. but to love me simultaneously. After crushing the pills I put them into the mixture of batter. Finishing up breakfast,  I arranged the pancakes and fruits onto a plate, then head upstairs towards my angel. Knocking onto my door... I grin inwardly, our door I enter. 

I gently laid down her breakfast then sat near her. " Here you go my Angel," I smile. I could again see her grimace at the sight of me but hide it behind her smile.

She leans up on top of me, " Thank you sir," she says kissing my cheek. I could see her blush, oh how she is making this hard on me. I daze out for a few seconds I can almost see it... her quivering underneath me, moaning out my name, her mesmerizing eyes clouded in ecstasy as I bring her pleasure. 

I come back to reality, and watch her silently eat her food, unaware of the extra ingredient I put in.  She might have a plan to escape  me, but I have a plan to make her stop. I smirk in thought, I did tell her she would be the one begging to be in bed with me.

After breakfast I lock all the doors and head to work. I could only wonder what else my feisty angel had planned for me when I got home.

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