Lockdown and Grievance

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  The school is on lock down I repeat the school is on lock down.

I wake up startled, by the booming voice in the intercom.
I looked over at my clock it was 4 a.m. Why hadn't they locked down the school at 12 a.m... when we found the body..
I looked over at Lily she seems to be struggling going back to sleep.
" Hey I wonder what happened they should have done this earlier", I said.

   "Yeah it is weird", she mumbled tiredly."Why don't you turn on the TV".

I walk over to the TV, clicked on the power and turned on the local news channel.

Warning, red strip crosses the screen, it read:
    A serial killer on the loose!!

I then became confused we only found one body.....
I turn the volume up on the TV, "around 12 o'clock last night to students at  St. Pixie college, while searching around the perimeter the police found a second body by the school's library at around 3 o'clock this morning".

"This could be the beginning of a Oregon Jack the Ripper, the news reporter says frightening".

The news report ends so I turn off the TV.

 I turned around to lily, to see her gaping like a goldfish, after absorbing the information, that was just told.

"Oh my God we're all going to die", she states hysterically.

"I'm too young, I haven't had sex yet, how could the world do this to me", she yells, balling her eyes.

"Calm down, I promise nothing is going to harm you".

"You don't know that, what if that guy or her killing random girls out at night comes back again,I have night classes to attend",Lily cries.

"Don't worry I'll make sure to walk back with you and plus the schools on lock down right now I doubt we have school for a while", I say.

Me and Lily get up and get dressed and went downstairs to the dorm living room it seems all the girls are awake, some crying, some just learning and some just looking frightened.

After all the girls from the dorm came downstairs to the living room  the dorm manager started talking to us.

"Ladies the school from this point on will be on lock down for a couple of weeks until we find the killer responsible for this tragedy. We will have the memorial for the two girls two days from now,  do not leave the dorm unless needed to and at no point should any of you walk out at night...... that is all... you can go back to your dorm rooms now."

 "Oh my gosh I'm going to die', some girl screeches.

" I wonder what happened, I don't know do you think the killer is a girl or a boy",questioning murmurs fill the room for awhile.

 After a couple of minutes the chatter slowly dispersed, all the girls have left to go back to thier rooms, including Lily and I.

 We get back to our room an soon after i turn  the news back. "On other news  on the girls bodies the police have found a carnation."

" I wonder what that means" the partner said.

 "I don't know that's the mystery, though i suspect it could be a signing card of some kind."

" If that's true those carnations must mean for sure that we have a serial killer on the loose."" I wonder what the carnation stands for", the partner asks. The news went  on for awhile, through it Lily had past out.


My mother is probably worried..i should call.

Ring ring rin-

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