Yes Sir

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"The sky is always there for me,while my life has been going through many,many changes.When I look up at the sky,it gives me a nice feeling,like looking at an old friend."

                                                                                                             ~Yoko Ono

Ello readers/friends~ Yes I know its been awhile since I last updated. But I have been rewriting things to make this story at least decent XD. I hope you enjoy the chapter~


I stared at him stupidly, un-moving,"If I married you, that would mean I would never leave. Do you think i'm stupid, first of all why would I marry you,I don't like you."

"I would have to disagree, since you passionately kissed me back at the funeral," He smirks cockily.

I glare." You are the one who kissed me, not the other way around."

"So you enjoyed it, I saw you blush, I know you like me Angel, you just won't admit it," he answers back,"And yes you are right I won't let you go, even if you do marry me, I was just trying to give you a voice in the matter,"he says pulling out a velvet box.

"No..." I pause,"Stop, put that back." He only smiles back, getting down on one knee.He takes out the ring, slipping it on my finger with a little force. I just stood there mortified at what was happening, biting deathly hard on my lip.

" Will you marry me," he asks.

" Hell no,"  I fire back, not wanting my existence to be here anymore.

He simply smiles back,"To bad."

I take the ring off throwing it into his face,"No, not too bad, how about, I understand Sarah, sorry for putting you through this Sarah, you can leave."

He laughed at that," Angel, I love you, and I plan on taking care of you.I will protect you, no one else, you're mine and that's final.

I step back not wanting to be here," If you loved me you would let me go...Please  I beg of you just let me leave, I promise I won't say anything," I frantically spout out.My face drenched with tears, I fell to the ground holding myself.

...But all he did was stare, almost annoyed.Why did he do all this...I gaze up at his figure, un-moving. Did he do this despite the consequences? He killed all those women...for what, bitter revenge?All and all Sarah, you know what he looks like, you know what he's done.From the little hole between my arm and chest I see him sit down in the dining room, paying no more attention to me.

I remember in one of my days in class, my teacher had said victims in these situations almost all end up the same way. Stockholm syndrome, Suicide, or being killed by their kidnapper.Well I already know he can kill, no point in swimming in those waters.

I uncurl myself, getting an idea. I stare over at him again, I will love him.I'll play his game to the tee. I'll marry him... but nothing else, there will be no love... no adoration. I almost start to tear up again, my childhood dreams marrying the man I love. Biting my lip I call out to the devil himself," Ash," My voice crackled as i spoke.

He looked down at me raising his eyebrow," Are you done?"

" Yes," I whisper lowly, I slowly stand from the ground, my hands leaning towards the wall for support.

" Yes what," he says intimidatingly.

" Yes sir," I say questionably. 

He smirks at me," No, I want that sexy mouth of yours to call me..." I inwardly cringe, he better not make me call him daddy. His eyes squint down as he's thinking," You know, I'll go easy on you angel," He puts his hands on my shoulders," every time you respond to me I want you to kiss me on the cheek, and say yes sir, okay?" 

Hiding my blush," Yes sir."

"And," he glares at me.

"Ugh," I groan.

He whispers into my ear," Don't make me..."With that statement I whimper knowing I should just do it.

I got onto my tip toes and pecked him on the cheek," Yes sir."

I could feel him smile against my lip, I lean back down to see him smiling like a kid... 

I believe it was then that I made a deal with the devil. I had believed that if I could fool him, to trick him just enough, I could escape. I didn't realize the extent of his power on the world was, or the fact he would do anything to have me... anything. However I don't believe I would have changed my actions. Kick him in the groin and dash out the door? That would have only simply cause my death. Or would my death inevitably happen with the choice I had made. It simply wouldn't of mattered at least I prolonged my life. I indeed made a deal with the devil.

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