His Name Is Ash

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"If i dream to much will it come true. What if I don't want this never ending nightmare  to convert into reality. What do I do when it does."

My eyes awaken to the sun shining through the window. Where am I... "David,"I yell out timidly,"DAVID, " I start to cry. David runs into the room,"What is it angel." I try to hold back the tears,"Where am I." He looks slightly taken back by question," Well of course your home silly." My body stiffens,"This isn't my home."

"It is now," I look up at him whimpering,"Its ok doll," he says coming over to hug me. "Stay away from me,"I scream moving away.I run to one of the corners of the room, sitting down, covering my arms over my legs. "Sarah why are you acting like this, it's me David your boyfriend,"he says almost impatiently.Boyfriend?The freak when did this happen.I stay quiet hiding my head behind my legs. I feel his footprints vibrate against the floor board."Come downstairs when you are ready,"he says before slamming the door.

After he left I began to wonder what to do, I've watched movies like this before, when guys kidnap girls.Either, the guy sales them like objects, or they are obsessed with the girl. From what he just said "boyfriend" I'm guessing he likes me. Maybe if I try to reason with him, no that won't do even if he does like me I don't know if he will get violent with me. For now I will comply to him, I don't want to get hurt this will be easier.

Making up my mind I get up to head downstairs.Griping the railing I walk down the stairs, admiring the house, it's so beautiful. My eyes gaze up at a magnificent portrait....who is that.I blush to myself he's gorgeous. I'm interrupted in my thoughts, when David comes from the kitchen.

"Have you fallen for me yet ,"he asks cockily.

"No," I scoff.

I sit down in the dining room. He had made cheese eggs, apple hickory bacon, and blackberry pancakes. It smells wonderful..."How did you know," I mutter.

"I've been watching you of course,"he replied like it was nothing.Wait no it couldn't be,"What's your name," I ask shakily. "What do you mean it's David." " What is your real name, what do you actually look like," I say urgently . At that moment I heard a bell jiggling towards my direction. Snowball!!I quickly look back up at "David."You could see the evil glint in his eyes, with that grin.He walked towards me, putting his arms around my shoulders."My names Ash sweetheart, and the other thing you will find out shortly," he whispers huskily into my ear.

"Why would you lie about your name,"I ask.With that question he takes out his phone,typing something in.After he was done he passes the phone to me, it's content turning my heart into drums....

Ashe Papelle runner of a billion dollar company, that he had created from the bottom up when he was only 18. Ashe Papelle is now 28 years old, but is still a bachelor.

"You're lying, that can't be you're only 21." I grip the phone, glaring at it. He grabs the phone away from me," Dear looks can be deceiving."

After he said that I remained quiet until after we were done eating breakfast. I uncomfortably sit on the couch beside Ash. "Why did you take me," clasping my hands together nervously. "Because I fell in love with you," he responds with adoration  in his eyes. "But why were you disguised in the first place," I ask. " I wanted someone to love me, to respect me for who I am, not for what I've become. So I disguised myself as a friend of mine's son. It's not that hard to wear a mask like this, I have the money." he says leaning close to me.

"There's other girls like me at the school though I'm so plain and normal," I bite my lip out of habit.

He jerks my chin up between his fingers," No you aren't, all the others are obnoxious, selfish ,liars. Who got what they deserved,"he whispers the last part to himself.

Snowball jumps into my lap feeling my uncertainty."Can I see your real face," I ask holding onto her.

He leans into me stealing a kiss," okay." He leans back away, raising his hand to his face.He starts to peel the mask off. It's scary how realistic it looked that you couldn't even tell. But the moment it was completely off I knew I was in trouble. To think makeup had advanced to such levels it could hide this face.

"Freaking freckle french fries," I sputter out.

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