Black Dress Part 1

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"Life asked death,"why do people love me but hate you?"death responded,"because you are a beautiful lie and I'm a painful truth."



Its been a few short hours since Quinn and i brought back the food.I don't know why its so quiet.I lay my head back on the sofa, ahh its raining....wait is that why their all quiet.

"Guys just because its raining doesn't mean one of us will be killed,"I said out loud.

"We know, but you cant help but wonder,"Rachael responded.

I sigh," I guess I'll go to sleep since no one is talking.I get up,"Goodnight." I then ran up the stairs to go to my room.

I had gotten to my room,when i spotted something.I bent down, a neatly wrap blue box was now in my hand. I undid the white ribbon carefully, then unwrapped the paper, and opened the box.

"Oh my," i gasped suprised.

A gorgeous diamond necklace,....who would give me such an extravagant thing. I held the delicate jewels in my hands, the necklace feeling homily between my fingers. This is too much, I want to keep it, it's so beautiful, but this is just too much. I put the jewelry  back in the box and wrapped it like it was.I walked into my room to get a piece of paper.

Dear Anon,

   I really loved the cat that you have given to me, she is so energetic and playful. I appreciate you for giving me such a kind gift, but the necklace please take it back it's too much also as much as I love the kitten don't send me anymore gifts please.     ~Sarah

I ripped the sticky note off and place it on the box.It's not that I hate the person's gifts it's just that I don't know them and I feel I'm taking advantage of them. I set the box down right where I found it, closed my door and went to sleep.

3rd pov

All the other girls had went to sleep except for Tesia, she was left alone in the living room. Should probably go to sleep, but it's so hard nowadays so many deaths. The girls made it seem so easy to get over death, but she would linger on death, when am I going to die, how will I die, will my family be sad, she would wonder.

*Buzz buzz*
She picked up her vibrating phone.
"Hello," she answered.
"It's me," the voice on the other line said.
"Ah Jaxon what's up, when's are next date," she pouted with a laugh.
"Well tonight," Jaxon stepped out of the darkness hugging Tesia from behind.
"Omg," she shouted hitting him in the arm."You gave me a fright." Jaxon laughed," That's the whole point silly." "So where we going," she asked." It's raining."
"That's for me to know and you to find out," Jaxon said, pulling Tesia out of the dorm house."It will be fun."

After about Ten minutes walking, they had made it to the Jaxon is workplace the coffee shop.

Tesia giggles," going to serve me coffee so much fun." "Stop being sarcastic it makes you more adorable," Jaxon said pushing her inside the shop.

Unknown Pov

I grip my arm, teeth biting down on my lip. Woooooooow so she lied to me. I stared at Tesia and Jaxon drinking coffee and talking. SHE SAID SHE DIDN'T HAVE TIME FOR A BOYFRIEND. But she goes out and gets one wow. I was going to leave her alone, but she just had to go be a naughty girl.

With no emotion whatsoever I get my gun out put a silencer on it. With the rain dripping over me I walk into the coffee shop.

*Ring ring*

" Oh sorry man the store is closed," Jaxon said.

"Oh hi -----," Tesia said. *Bang* I shot her, I move my body to shoot Jaxon but he's not there.

"How could you," I hear from behind, being tackled. The both of us fight, until finally. I took my gun in my hand and shoot him in the head. Blood splattering.

I take the silencer off, while my fingerprints off the gun and place it and Jaxon's hand. This should be the last death, so might as well blame it on this bastered. I take a carnation out of my pocket and place it on Tesia.

"Ah well den," I walked out of the place and go to the girls dorm room. Oh how much I want to hold her, to kiss touch her in ways no one has.Wait! what is this, the is still here. Did she not like it! I quickly walk over to the box, picking it up then I see the note.

Dear Anon,

    " I really love the cat you have given to me she is so energetic and playful."
I smile at this sentence, I'm so happy she loves it.
" I appreciate you giving me such a gift. But..... the necklace please take it back also as much as I love the cat don't give me any more gifts please.

I need her so much she is so nice, friendly the other girls would have either said, they were stupid or wanted more acting like selfish bitches. I'm so happy I found my angel. I take a pen out  of my pocket and write a note back to her letter.

Dear Angel,

       I love you so much, let me spoil you. You are mine only mine. As long as you understand that you can have everything I own.Accept this gift from me I gave it to you for a reason.

                                   ~PS call me Ash

I place the note back on the box, then I leave the campus. You'll be in my arms soon my angel very soon.

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