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"So what classes do you have,"Lily asked.

I look at my schedule, "hmm I only have three classes my main one being art", I answer.

"Oh you're an art major, I'm in performing arts", she says.

"What other classes do you have".

"Forensics science and law, do you have any other classes", I ask.

"Nope only performing art", she said happily.

"Lucky", I responded.

"No I went through torture the past 3 years. I had 5 classes last year and the only reason I have one this year is because this is my last year here, when I get out of here I promise you I'm going to be a super star so get my autograph now," she says with a grin.

"ok superstar can you sign my shirt," I ask jokingly

"Yaaaasss I can," she signs it with a sharpie.

 I look at it giggling, she drew a whale next to it. I looked at my watch noticing the time.

" Oh no," I stammer looking up at Lily.

"What," She asks then she looks at her phone realizing what's wrong. 

I quickly pick up my bag and purse, "Im late for class i'll talk to you later," I practically yell from outside the room. 

"I'm so sorry for keeping you, you better run," I could hear Lily say behind me.

I run across the field and into the art building, I finally make it into my class, my calf beating in pain. Im interrupted from catching my breath by the teacher and the rest of the students laughing at me.

" Are you Sarah," the teacher asks me from judging eyes.

"yes ma'am," I say my heart still beating fast.

"How pleased to have you in class, my name is Ariel, please have a seat," She says looking back down to her notes. 

I walk down the aisle, to the back. I put down my stuff, leaving my notepad and pencils on the table. First day of classes, already late I make a check mark in my mind.

After about two hours the bell rings, telling me it's time for the next class. I pack up my belongings, then sprint out of the class towards my next class. Good old science, I hope my teacher is nice.Science can either be difficult or easy it all depends on the teacher.

Then I have my criminal justice class afterwards which should be fun. I always have  found law interesting, I used to want to be a detective when i grew up, I laugh at myself. Not possible my artistic side is to dominant. 

In between classes I would message Lily on how my day was going. She said she was buying dinner tonight, can't wait for it, i thought. I look up toward the bulletin board in the Criminal investigation center. Posted was a article on stalking, I was tempted to read it but why should I. Stalking is just fantasy it never happens, and it especially wont happen to a girl as plain as me. 

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