Black Dress Part 2

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Life is like a web. A web of life, a web of truth, a web of lies. Every decision you make goes on these webs.

Hey guys another chapter. I haven't been as busy so this explains the updates. I hope you enjoy, please give comments. And thanks for the votes ^~^.

~Next morning~

"Do you know when she left?Why would she go out at night.Do you know this boy? Was she okay before she went to sleep?"Detectives and journalists as one asked.

This morning I was woken up to pounding on my door.Apparently,...sadly Tesia was killed while all of us slept. I also received another mysterious letter. I smiled I love his name.."Ash," I whisper to myself. He is so romantic and shy it's adorable.Okay,okay back to the point.The police questioned everyone on campus,then left after awhile.

"I can't wait for the news,it's going to tell us,"I state sarcastically.

"I know right,it's ridiculous we have to rely on the news,when the crime happened here,"Rachael says.

"I just want to know who killed her, how she died,was it painful," Laura cried.

"Laura I'm sure she didn't feel any pain,"Quinn hugged her.

" News staring,come sit down," I say sitting down in a chair. I grab the remote turning the volume up.

Everyone came an sat down.The news focus story on The Oregon Killer.

Last night around eleven o'clock another victim of the Oregon killer.But this time it was different.

Wait how...I questioned in my head. Unconsciously I lean my body forward.

The killer killed himself along with his victim, The reporter paused. The killer was college student Jaxon,  a student at Saint Pixi.

Woooaahh, everyone in the room gasped.

The two were on a supposed date.A voice mail was found on the victims phone.Jaxon shot her, then proceeded to do his other ritual of placing a carnation on the girl. But this time along with her, he shot himself in the head.Ending the serial killings along with him.

"I did not see that coming,"I say quietly,"i can't believed I liked him he could have killed me."

"Tesia..." Laura cries out.

"It says the funeral will be in two days,"Rachael says."are you all coming."

"Well of course," we all respond.

"Imma go back was to depressing," I say quietly,"Bye."

I walk back up to my room. When i get back, i sit down on the couch covering my face crying.I didn't even have time to get to know her. Snowball feeling my distress jumps onto my lap, I look down at her, my eyes glistening with tears. I put my arms around her," please at least you must be here with me....."

It's the day of the funeral we have all been busy making arrangements  helping out Tesia's parents. I walk into my closet, picking out a black dress.My hands glide over the fabric, my eyes dimming a little. To believe i would be wearing this beautiful dress to one of my friends funerals. I sigh, but either way began to get dressed. The dress hugged my body cozily, i put on heels, and my makeup.  

"Hurry up were gonna be late," Rachael yells. After everyone had left the dorm, we all decided it would be best if we all moved downstairs, to get each other faster. I rush out of my room after feeding Snowball. We all pile into Quinn's car, driving to where the funeral is taking place. 

"What are we going to do afterwards," Quinn asks.

" What do you mean," I question. "I mean are we still going to stay at the school after all of this," she responds.

A eerie silence surrounds the van. " Were going to continue our life, and stay at school," Rachael says.

We arrive at the funeral,purple her favorite color surrounds her grave. Beautiful flowers, Her parents were weeping and most of her friends too. After the burial we all went to a building so we could say our priers and elegy's.

One by one, her friends and family went up to the podium to say their piece until it was my turn. I slowly walked up, i grip the side of my dress, looking at the many people in front of me. " I didn't know Tesia for long as most of you all had. But.... without a doubt I would call her one of my best friends. She was kind, smart, and most off all she was a all around good person," I start to tear," And thou that monster who killed her and many others didn't get what he deserved. I hope you all remember her not the girl that got killer by a serial killer, but a girl who had dreams like all of us, a girl who we all loved." I end my speech crying, I quickly run out into the hall. 

On my way to the washroom, I run abruptly into a wall. Wait walls don't have muscles, I blush backing away looking up. It was David standing there, but something was different. It was like a ominous cloud was above us, he looked mad.

" What's wrong why are you crying!"he yelled out surprising me.

"Um... Tesia is dead and the funeral was upsetting me more," I answered still crying. He looked at me like i was a sheep and he was a wolf. He kept walking u to me until my back was u against the wall. This wasn't like him I wonder if he's just upset.

I smile putting my arms around his waist hugging him."What's wrong David are you ok," I whisper to him.

He hugs me tightly, I smile awww he must just be upset. Maybe I should make sure he's ok later.

" Let's go back to the ceremony we don't want to worry anyone,"I say.

But he just continued to hug me, his grip getting tighter. I tried to pull out but he wouldn't budge.

I started to get annoyed, when i was about to say something he covered my mouth with his hand.

"Hmmhp," I tried to say something.

He leaned more into me then whispered into my ears." I can't wait any longer," he kissed my neck,"You are mine." He takes away his hand and starts to kiss me on the lips. I blush kissing back, oh my life i shouldn't be doing this. I pull back smiling shyly, looking up into his eyes. I see adoration, lust.......but there was also a evil glint that scared me. I step away ready to go back in, but I guess he had other plans. He took a white cloth out of his pocket then shoved it into my face. " What the freak... get off me," but I get quiet quickly. Then i fell limp into his arms.

" Goodnight Angel," that was the last thing I heard before i slipt into complete darkness.

Caleb's Pov

She was finally in my arms, my little angel. I'm not entirely sure why she tried to push me away. Either way she is so adorable, she's all mine. I carry her to my car speedily,making sure no one saw. I take out a carnation from my car and also a card. I place both in the front seat of Quinn's car. Then i make my way to my new house......wait no our home, I smiled.

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