Friend 2

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I walk into my law class and walk up the steps and took a seat up top.

Hey can I sit next to you

I look up and see a guy with black hair, and sky blue eye's

You like what you see

I snapped out of it and I start to blush

I hadn't realized that I had been starying at him

Shut up, I say still blushing

and yes you can sit here

my name is Sarah

Mines Caleb

it's nice to meet you Caleb

like wise

He seats down

And 4 hours of torture began


By the time class ended I was already fast asleep

sadly i got woken up in the middle of my wonderfull dream

urrgg what

I hear chuckleng and raised my head to see the culprit

Of course it was Caleb

he was laughing so hard

I didn't understand why though

I was only sleeping

I slap his shoulder to get his attention

oww what was that for

why are you laughing, I glared

Haha you were talking in your sleep

ohh yes I'm going to eat you donut but don't forget Mr coffee, he mimicked

I can feel my face heating up at the moment and I'm pretty sure I look like a tomato right now

Aww so cute your blushing, he pointed out

Shut up I mumbled

Hahaha well class ended, you should probably get up

I start to get up

I walk down the steps and before I stepped out of the room I hear Caleb

I'll see you tomorrow he said

I smile

see you later Caleb

I then leave the building

I should buy some donken dounuts, I mumbled.

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