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After I sent off Lily from the airport I went back to my dorm and packed some of the things I was going to need for the next week.

I left the campus and called the taxi

After a few minutes the taxi pulled beside the curb

Good morning where would you like to go miss.

Mount Hood please, I answered

Yes mam, he said.

He pulls out from the curb and starts driving towards the mountains.

Sir do you know of any fudge stores around here, I asked

That's your first question , he chuckles. Not where the mall is or the beach, or an amusment park but where a fudge shop is, he says while staring at me with an amused look.

I guess, I start laughing, I just LOVE fudge so much, it's life.

Well I'm sorry miss I don't know of any fudge store's in the area, any other questions, he asked.

Mmm, do you know where I could possibly buy a motorcycle, I asked.

I've been using the taxi a lot and I figure since I'm going to be here for three years I might as well buy some sort of transportation, I stated.

Yes I do mam, if you wish I could take you there after you have gone up the mountain, he said.

Yes please that would be nice, I said.

After an hour of driving and chatting with the taxi driver, we arrived at Mount Hood.

I get out of the taxi, and told him I would be coming back in about a hour.

I walk up to my tour group and we begin to climb the mountain.

It's so beautiful, I thought to myself. Right before me was a waterfall, the clear spring water trickling down the rocks and into the small pond below.

The wind causing the water to spray a cool misty breeze on us. After spending acouple of minutes looking at the waterfall , we start to head down the mountain.

We get back to the summit and I go to the gift shop and buy a raccoon hat, and some mountain taffy.

I get back to the taxi and he starts to drive to the motercycle shop, in about thiry minutes we arrived and I go into the store.

I look around for a bit and then I see it, a turquoise colored motorcycle, that's the one, I say to myself.

I walk up to the counter, and asked the lady if I could buy it.

Are you sure, it's quite expensive, she questioned.

I'm sure , when do you think I could get it, I asked.

You can actually get it right now, all you have to do is give me your license and fill out this form, and pay the money. She answered.

That's great, I exclaimed, I get out my license, show it to her then I start to fill out the form.

After giving back the form and giving her a check she hands me the keys.

I go out to the taxi and tell the driver I had bought a motorcycle.He smiles and sayes good for you, I give him the money I owed him and a few extra dollers.And said good bye.

I head towards the motorcycle I had just bought and put the keys into the ignition.

I start the engine and head towards the hotel I had booked for the week.

On my way there, I stopped at the beach and looked towards the horizon.

It's so beautiful, I whisper staring at the sun as it slowly went down, the cool wind blowing at me and sea gulls flying through the sky, the sight was breathtaking.

I'm going to have to come back here, I decided .

I sit down to enjoy the scenery more but was interrupted rudely by loud music.

Dang it, I whispered. It must be a party, well of course everyone is on break, stupid kids, I thought to myself.

I decided it was time to leave and start to walk back to my motorcycle.

Sarah, hey what's up.

I here behind me, I turn around and see a guy a little bit older than myself.

Can I help you, I question.

Oh you don't remember me, he says.

I'm sorry I think you got the wrong person, I say, I start to turn around, when my hand is caught and im jerked back to where I was.

No don't go, why don't you hang out with me, my name's David remember? He asked.

You helped me out a couple of weeks ago, when I was buying my girlfriend a present.

Oh, I remember now, I exclaimed. Did that go well, I question.

He starts to look a little bit embarrassed, well actually she wasn't my girlfriend I was asking a girl out and was going to give it to her, but she said no, he said quitely.

I'm sorry, well its her loss you seem to be a nice guy and you have the looks, I jokingly say.

Thank You, he says while blushing. Your so cute, I say. I played with his cheeks, and ran my hand through his hair.

And I would love to hang out with you, I answer.

Okay do you want to walk around the shore, and talk, he asked.

Sure, I said.

Me and David walked across the shoreline while chatting, after awhile we decided to sit by the shoreline and just talk, until it got dark out.

We said our goodbyes and we both left the beach, I headed towards the hotel on my bike. I'm so glad I got the hotel for the week, I would have hated to stay in that stuffy dorm room by myself. Hallelujah for seashore hotels.

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