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Cotton Candy & Gummy Bears

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I walked onto the campus for the first time in my life. My stomach was filled with butterflies, the college I've been dreaming of for years.I's no wonder the place is so crowded.

I look up towards the sky to see it was about to rain.Crap, I thought. I better find my dorm house quickly.

I see what seems to be a teacher," Hello mam, could you point me to the direction of the Snowflake dorm."

She smiled," New student?" She points towards a white brick house at the far end of the campus.

" Thank you so much, and yes I am," I laugh

"I hope you are a good student, have a nice day," She walks away smiling.

I pick up my belongings, walking as fast as I could towards my new home.Of course I would get the dorm far away from the actual school buildings. I run up the steps of the building entering. I drop my bags, grabbing the dorm card from my purse. " Fl 5, room 12," I read out loud. I look around for the elevator... oh great there is none. Yay running up and down the stairs for classes, I sarcastically think.

Sighing a bit I grab my bags again making the long journey to my room. Oh ya I probably have a room mate I wonder what she's like.Please god dont let her be boring, or messy.

When I get to the room I take out the keys I had gotten from downstairs, and unlock the door.

"oh....my....god," I screech, my eyes widening. W-what is this, there were cotton candy stuck to the carpet... Gummy bears everywhere on the floor, table, couch... everywhere.

"Finally"! Said someone behind me. I jump back startled by the voice. She must be my room mate.

I turn around to see a girl coming through the door I had previously entered.

"Hi my name is Lily, i'm your roommate", she says.

I smile shaking her hand,"Hi it's nice to meet you,my name is Sarah."

"I'm very glad to meet you Sarah I hope we can become best friends", she exactingly says.

"Me too, but can I ask you something, before we start chatting,what happened to the living room", I slowly ask.

"Oh....well...while I was watching jaws for the first time last night I got scared and this is what happened" she embarrassingly says.

I tried to contain my laugh but failed

"Hey its not funny I was scared", she pouted.

"Sorry, we should probably start cleaning this up before the dorm leader comes" she says.

"yeah, you're probably right", I start to laugh.

I can see us getting along just fine.

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