Two More Victims

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Hey guys!!^~^ another chapter yay xD. I'm going to try to get four more chapters in before I start the next book also I'm in a writer's mood so I might get tho chapter 20 in March not sure if thou. I would like to thank you for all the votes and reads they mean a lot to me I hope you enjoy!
" The Devil comes in the form of the thing that you have always wished for."

I stared down at the letter in front of me. Having almost a contest with it. My eyes skim down the thin sheet of paper again. My hands gripping the paper slightly, rippling the edges.

"What the fudge!" I say out loud.

Dear Sarah,

I'll miss you, I would like to stay there with you. But since the last two new victims, it's not safe there anymore. I think you should go back home as well they're probably going to close the school down anyways four girls dead..on campus is going to hurt rep. bye...

~Keep safe,

It's been two weeks since the last pair of girls died. One night the security guard was walking around doing his rounds around the campus. Apparently he had tripped and when he looked down there lay a dead girl........With a carnation over her chest. The officer quickly called the police over and soon they looked over the whole campus. They found the other girl in a strange place, floating in the middle of the lake.

After the news came out the public went crazy, and students started leaving the campus. It's not that unusual that Lily left but I wish she would have said bye in person.

I sigh

"Hmm." What should I do, should I go back home or stay she's probably right about the school closing but I don't want to go home I always dreamed of going to this school plus I want to be on my own for a while. I think I'll stay but I'm going to get a job. I did see a Cold Stone around here yep totally going to apply there frreeee ice cream!!

"Meeeeww Meeeewww," snowball rubs against my leg. "Hey girl." I bend down and pet her. I laugh she is purring,so adorable.

"Snowball I'll be back in going out for awhile see you when I get back." I leave through the door , and go to the lounge downstairs.

"Oh wow, someone else decided to stay here in death carnival." A unit voice spoke.

" Death Carnival?" I giggle.

"Yes that what everyone still around is calling it, guess what we are the only girls left on campus." She exclaimed.

I then looked around.....there were only five of us. "Whoa, I guess everyone was too scared."I say.

"And you aren't," she laughed.

"Not really is that bad," I answered.

"Nope it means we accept you we aren't scared either," she says.

"Sooo what are you all's names?" I ask.

"Quinn," said the girl by the oven.

"Tesia," the one watching Alvin and the chipmunks said.

"My name is Rachael, also that is Laura ," the one that was talking before says why she pointed at the red headed girl.

"Hi I'm Sarah," I say.

" Nice to meet you," they all say.

" But dang there's only 5 of us. What about the guys are they still here?" I say.

" Yep, sadly since it's only been girls getting killed they really don't care." Rachael says.

"Wow, well I was going to go job searching if you want to come along. You can come along, but you would have to drive yourself." I say.

Quinn started cracking up, "You are going to go out and look for a job while a bunch of girls have died." She finished saying laughing.

"I guess so," I say laughing.

"Im in," she says.

"Anyone else?" I ask again.

No the rest responded

"Okay, want me to bring back any food?"

Yeeeeeess they all hauler.

"Dairy Queen," Rachael tells out.

"McDonald's," Tesia says.

"Sonic" Laura quietly whispers.

I laugh "pick one place.".

Uuurrrgghh, fine Dairy Queen they respond.

"Okay text me what you want when we get there",handing them my phone number.

Quinn and I head out, her getting in her car and i getting on my motorcycle.

~Few hours later at DQ~

"Well that was fun," I say.

"Yep, totally got that job working at the mall." She says doing a victory dance.

"Same," I say laughing. "did the girls send a text, of what they wanted?" I ask.

"Yes, Rachael wants chicken tenders with white gravy, also a strawberry sundae. Tesia wants a hamburger with a cherry coke. Then all Laura wants is a birthday cake ice cream."Quinn says.

"Well you heard her," I say towards the cashier while laughing.

"Also I would like to make two orders of chicken tenders with white gravy."I say.

"I would like a small order of fries and a corndog," Quinn says.

"Yes miss," the man says.

So we wait for the food. The man hands it to us, so we leave walking outside.

"Hey Sarah, it's been awhile." I hear a man's voice from the side.

My eyes bulge as I realize who it is, I start to smile brightly."Oml David its been forever what's's up." I sat hugging him.

"Well nothing just getting some food," he says hugging me tightly then slowly backing away from me.

" I got to go bye," I say.
getting on my bike.

"Bye Sarah see you soon,"he says walking away.

"Who was that?" Quinn asks.

"Nobody," I answer starting my motorcycle.


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