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Shaking, shivering at the sight before me.

The girl in front of me, I knew her I even spoke to her a few times, her name was Claire.

How could this have happened, I slowly kneel beside her to see to make sure that she's breathing.

I hadn't heard Lily since we found the body,until I heard a blood screeching noise from behind me.

Lily was screaming bloody murder, after her yelling, I hear footsteps from somewhere I look up and see it is a campus police officer coming towards us.

Sir please her help she needs help, she's bleeding really bad, Lily screamed at him.

what happened here, said the officer .

We're not sure, we arrived here a few seconds ago, I answered.

The man goes over to the body, crouches down and checks her pulse.

I'm sorry, but it seems she's dead, he told us.

At this point Lily was crying.

The man picks up his radio an calls in on what he had found.

Here at St. Pixie campus I found a dead body, I would like to ask for a ambulance, and a few policeman to come over, he says into the radio.

I heard the person on the other line start speaking an then the man turns off his radio.

I'm sorry ladies but could I ask both of you to stay and answer questions, when the police get here.

Yes sir, we both answered

After a couple of minutes, the police arrived, a bunch of people came rushing to the body, others started to block the crime scene, five putting up the yellow tape, one person put downed the white choc or tape around the body, and two people came over to me and Lily.

They put a blanket around us, and then left, the other policeman we're still checking out the scene.

Two officers walk up to me and Lily, they put out a chair and sit down.

Girls we would like to ask you a few questions about the crime that took place,my name's John he puts his hand in front of me and we shake hands. yes sir, I replied. Startled I look over towards Lily, I expected her to answer with me, but when I looked over at her, it looked like she was still in a state of shock.

I don't think she'll be able to answer, I said. I guess you're right Charlie could you bring this girl to her dorm room, he said to the man next to him.

Yes sir, he gets up and picks up Lily, Miss where's your dorm building and your room number, he asked while winking at me.

Eww, I scrunch up my nose.

I pointed towards are building, are room number is 23, I hand over my room key to him. Take care of her please, I say. No problem baby, he winks, and walks away.

Eww, he's like thirty two

Okay well if you would sit down please, John says.

I sit down and he begins questioning me.

What's your name, he asks.

Sarah Winters

Where were you before you and your friend found the body?

The school cafe

When you found the body did you see anyone suspicious?

No sir

Do you know the victim?

Yes sir, her name is Claire, I've talked to her a few times.

Do you know anyone that had a grudge against her?

No sir not that I know.

Does she have a boyfriend?

No not any more, they broke up about two weeks ago, his name is Dylan.

Does he live on campus?

No they were actually long distance, he's from Australia.

Oh gosh I feel bad for him,even though they broke up i'm sure it's going to kill him when he finds out, in going to have to call him, I thought to myself.

Well that marks the Ex off the list, I hear John mumble.

Also when you arrived was that carnation on her chest?

Yes, I answered

I see this might not be the end of the killings then, it's probably a calling card, he said.

I looked up to see if he had anymore questions, but it seems he doesn't.

Thank you for your cooperation, Sarah you can go to your dorm now, he says.

After walking back to the room I found Lily knocked out cold on her bed.

I walked over to my bed and layed down.

I put the covers over me and fell asleep, with tonight's discovery still in my mind.

Unknown Pov

I gently placed the carnation on her chest, and stared at her beautiful face.

I caressed her face, then looked at her one last time and ran off.

I placed the carnation as a symbol of my love, for her. I truly loved her but she just rubbed my love off like it was trash. She deserved to die, and so do the others.

Just seven more to go, I whisper under my breath.

What was that? I heard from a distance.Crap did someone hear me.

I slowly walk over to the voices, and I'm surprised at who I see.

Why is she up so late, she should be asleep. My darling needs her beauty sleep.

N-No I need to stop thinking that, she's obviously seeing someone, how could she not, she's smart, caring, and beautiful. Who wouldn't want her.

Maybe I should ask around school to see if she's available. And hopefully she is, if she is she can truly be my love.

My love Sarah

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