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Hello readers, i apologize for not updating for a long time. Mostly due to school, ;-; stupid AP classes. But excuses are excuses, so i am very sorry. So for my apology i give you the second chapter today. I will try to do another chapter by the end of the day,but will probably publish it tomorrow. Anyways please enjoy. ^~^

                                                                                                                                                              ~ Liz


You cannot, if my heart were in your hands nor shall not, whilst'tis in my custody~

                                                                                                               Othello, Shakespeare

" Lily it's been two weeks, since the killing", I said sighing. "Why haven't they found them yet like geez".

" Sarah  its going  to take a longer then a few weeks ", she said with a stifled laugh. 

" I know but i hate being on lock down, we can barely do anything", i said pouting.

" Freaking hush were all in here together so lets not be a Debbie downer okay Sarah", she said heading to her bed.

"Wait are you seriously going to sleep its only seven".

"Ya, just like you said there is nothing to do", she said laughing. 

"Wwowowowowowwoow, that is a huge freaking contradiction", i said giggling.

I  throw a pillow at her," Goodnight".


I lay my head down on a pillow." Hmm... what should i watch." I scroll through Hulu. Oh my life yes South Park. I go to the thirteenth season, scroll down to episode ten, and i hit play.

Cartman- What the f*** is this?

Stan- Why did they have us put on long underwear?

"Oh my god", i couldn't help but laugh so much tears were running down my face.The creators of South Park are the best like seriously.I pick up the remote.

* Meow*

"Hmm, what was that?"

*Meow Meoooow*

I move towards the noise slowly, turning the door nob i open the door, and look down.In a small white straw basket laid a kitten a note along with it. I pick up the basket quickly , and walk back inside the room. Slowly sitting down next to the basket.

"Hello kitty," i said while picking it up

The  kitten was a snow powder color, with the most prettiest eyes, a teal tinted color.

I take off the note that was attached to the basket and began to read:

Dear my sweet angel,

I've been watching you from time now , your beautiful eyes, those mesmerizing laughs, your plump pink lips,....don't even get me started on your smile. This cat is a gift from me to you, name her whatever you wish. I love you.

                                        In love,


I finish reading the letter, and my eyes just cant stop looking at it, reading it over and over again. My eyes cross the paper,"Why would in love with me, why would they give me such a wonderful gift.Who is this person," i say breath taken. 

I fold the letter, and place it in my pocket.

" I guess i'm going to have to go buy you a collar," i say picking her up. I tilt my head slightly," I think i'll name you Snowball," i state smiling. 


Unknown Pov

I finish writing my letter to my love, and tape it to the basket.

I pet the kitten, " I hope she likes you"

I pick up the basket, put it in my car. " I'm taking you to your angel," i say lovingly. When we get there i take the basket out, quickly run up to her room. Place the basket down, and go back home.

" I think i'll name you Snowball", she said smiling.

I couldn't help but smile , her gorgeous smile, it always makes my day. She doesn't know i have cameras in her dorm room, I know she would be furious with me if she did i ever find out, but i love looking at her. 

I get up to go to my garden, i pick up a carnation and cut it.

" So... whose it gonna be tonight," I say staring intently at the carnation.. 


By the time i finished this i was like XD ummmm idk if i'll be able to make the next chapter by the end on today. XD but no worries the next chapter will definitely be out sometime tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed^~^. Don't forget to comment/ vote, I love to hear suggestions. 

"If you are not making mistakes, then you are doing nothing. I'm positive that a doer makes mistakes."

  - John Wooden

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