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The Start Of Something

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Unknown pov

God I love this school

I think I met that special someone

I love her, she's amazing

I'm going to ask her out today

I walk into the building and I see her standing by the classroom


Hi Claire

Oh hi

I've known you for a couple of weeks and I want to ask you something, I say excitingly

what is it, she asked

would you go out with me, I say

she just stared at me

What, what is it, I thought worriedly

I'm sorry but I don't feel the same way

I'll see you later

she runs away

why I whisper


I thought she felt the same way, I trembled with rage

I thought we had a connection



Sarah pov

Its been about 3 weeks since I started the year and I'm having so much fun

Though I only see Lily when we're in the dorm

I still have Caleb

after hanging out with him for a couple of weeks

I found out that he's actually a detective that works for the police

The reason he comes to the university is to help out the new law teacher here for fun.


Are you ready for break, Lily asked


I'm so tired ,where are you going, I asked

I'm going back home for break, she said


where you going, she asked

I think I'll go to the beach near here, and take some tours around the area

you're not going home?

No I think if I go home now I will probably not want to leave

I hope you have a nice time at your house, I said

Are you sure about being at the dorm by yourself, She asked

Yea I'll be fine

Most of the time I will probably be out

I'm thinking of staying at a resort, and relaxing at a spa


I think it's time for us to get to bed

Especially since you're flying out tomorrow morning

Ya you're right, goodnight, she said, as she goes to her room.

Goodnight, I said

I walk to my room, hopped on to my bed, and quickly go into a deep sleep.

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