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Beauty and The Beast by Philipa__
Beauty and The Beastby Anu Oni
I partied every night.... He spent most of his life in jail I had tons of boyfriends.... He barely spoke to anyone I was the center of attention... He was the boy at th...
Paragon High by Raya_jop1997
Paragon Highby P S Y C H O
Villain. How can we describe it? Many ways! Deceiving, evil, maleficent, cruel, malicious, liars, and sinners. But how to be a good one? That's why we welcome you at &qu...
BadBoy VS Hijabi  (COMPLETED) by c_h_u_b_b_y
BadBoy VS Hijabi (COMPLETED)by Chubby rifa
" Baby, stop crying. Now say sorry." he said and wiped my tears again. " I am sorry." i said bcoz i have no other choice. he loosen the grip on my h...
A Sweet Cherry But A Psychotic Monster by ShadowA325
A Sweet Cherry But A Psychotic Tara Wild
She had it all. Her personal hell which was her tower, a badass attitude, rich? So... What could have caused a good girl like her to be so over obsessed with her 'toys...
Daddy's Little Girl by eryn32
Daddy's Little Girlby Eryn
A dark figure is walking towards us through the haze. I ignore it and let Ryan pull me to the ocean. As the figure gets closer, I can tell its a grown man. I stop abrupt...
|| Psycopath || || by imkTrash
|| Psycopath || ||by rat writes kfiction
"How do you fix a broken and removed piece?" He asked, unfazed as he stared into my eyes. "You pick up the other pieces and glue him up." "If on...
Psycopath's Love (Lee Know×reader)  by know_me_9
Psycopath's Love (Lee Know×reader) by sleepy_ashkuro
:-in which a girl who lost her mind bcs she cant get her love..Rim y/n loves Lee Minho but he ruined everything..Minho dumb her for another girl.. Rim y/n :"Will yo...
Hello I'm Izuku Midoriya by Lemonz000
Hello I'm Izuku Midoriyaby Lemonz000
Villain Deku AU Our cinnamon roll is given the chance to play villain, in the school-wide VILLAINS VS. HEROES event. At first, he's wary of trying to play a role that cl...
Jeff the killer X Reader Lemon "Super Psycho Love" by jeffthekillafan
Jeff the killer X Reader Lemon " Tori
Hi, this is my first story. In this story (Y/N) moves to a new neighborhood. She moves into a new house, but not any house, she just happens to move into Jeff The Killer...
WRONG (BL) by acryingflower
WRONG (BL)by Crying In Flowers
!! CONTAINS SENSITIVE SUBJECTS !! Warning: This story contains rape, alcoholism, drugs, sex, gay relationships (fuck off homophobes), blood and more. Read this at your o...
Psychopath by my-chemical-lana
Psychopathby lana mae ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
If only Rose wasn't such a vengeful person. ☠ [slow updates] [fuck load of swearing, you've been warned] [triggers in this story include- depression, suicidal thoughts...
Blood Stains by zloverlyx
Blood Stainsby lulu
Aya Gray's life turns into a walking disaster when Mason Miller joins it. Her three-year boyfriend dies, and everyone who gets close to her dies too. What'll happen to A...
Stuck In A Mental Ward|| Voltron AU- Rewritten by kittykittie3
Stuck In A Mental Ward|| Voltron Yeet and Delete
there is no way to put a description for how I want this book to progress. or be read. I will be rewriting this since my writing style is better now and I don't like thi...
The seven Dark truth| BTS X READER| 21+ by lilcatsugar
The seven Dark truth| BTS X suga's sugar
Oh! god save me plzzzz form these seven goog looking pscycopaths . this is a very confusing story full of twist it also have many puzzels if you are good enough to solv...
FISH by thefishermanswife
FISHby thefishermanswife
Let me tell you a little something about Fishing. Oh, I do love to Fish. I may not Fish in the original sense, but I Fish all the same. You see, my style of fishing is a...
The black goat's egg by A_RandomUser
The black goat's eggby RandomUser
The "Black Goat" is a serial killer that kills without motive, brutally, but precisly. When her son finds out about it, he's disgusted and runs away from home...
No one can convince me I'm crazy (a kacchaco story) by UvUfrullUvU77
No one can convince me I'm crazy ( UvUfrullUvU77
Some people would call me a psychopath, or a yandere. But now when there is no people left, there is no one who can convince me that i'm crazy. Now i'm Urarakas only cho...
Insanity by Caiyawa
Insanityby Caiya
Jay is faced with seemingly inner demons when she is found to have murdered her lover and is forced into an asylum, forcing her to come to grips with herself and her blo...
Red Roses [DISCONTINUED] by GiddyReflections
Red Roses [DISCONTINUED]by CheeseDanish
[DISCONTINUED] "Stay in Wonderland long enough, and you start to lose your mind." The Wonderlings are a group of psychotic creatures, with Alice as their leade...