Deal with the Devil

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Ash left over am hour ago for work, leaving me in a empty house besides snowball.He had security alarms everywhere, cameras watching my every move.I walk over to the living room bringing along snowball, grabbing the remote to the tv, I sit down during on a movie.

What does he expect me to do all day, am I just suppose to wait for him like a dog?Scrolling through channels I throw the remote in frustration, I'm bored I miss school..I miss school that's kinda sad I'm so bored I miss school.Moving my body to where I am laying on my back I rest my arm across my face.I'll just go to sleep,"I say holding back sniffles.

"Angel wake up,"the voice above me says lightly. I struggle opening my eyes from sleep.I feel my body being moved up next to a body.weakly I open my eyes still sleepy.

My arms reach out to the body next to me,"Hello sir,"I say leaving a Kiss on his cheek.

He blows air into my ear,"...Angel, you better wake up before I do something you won't forgive me for."

I open my eyes calmly staring at Ash.His hair slightly in his eyes, I move it away with my fingers."...How was work," I quietly ask.

He looked surprised by my interest, but answers angrily,"It was fine,I was thinking about you all day," He places the back of his hand on my forehead,"Do you feel well I saw you slept all day."

I lay my head on his shoulder. "I'm fine..." I respond. I really wasn't though my head was killing me.

He pushes me off him and stands up. My eyes quickly shooting up at his face. What the f*** was that for. Grabbing my neck lift me off the sofa he begins to yell at me. My fingers try to pry off his hand. Looking annoyed and agitated he threw me back on the couch.

" Don't ever lie to me, you obviously have a fever,"he ruffly yells at me," you are only to tell me the truth, if not you'll be punished."

My face painted with tears I nod. How is it possible to be this bipolar.

His eyes soften,"I'm sorry angel, go upstairs to our room and sleep."

Our room?...Our room?....our,"What do you mean our room," I asked slanting my eyes a little.

With a nonchalant face he answers," Yes our room." He plays with my hair curling my hair around his finger."You sleep with me at night in our bed."

"Hmm no,"I simply say,"I think it's too early for that maybe in a few weeks." I try to bargain remembering  my plan .

He sighs running his fingers through his hair," Fine I'll give you a few days by yourself but eventually you'll be begging to be in bed with me," he smirks slightly," go to the guest room across from my room you will sleep there for the time being.

"Thank you Ash," I gently thank him. At least I could stay in my own room.

"Anything for you angel,"he says kissing my forehead,"Are you hungry,"He asks moving towards the kitchen."I could make egg ramen, your favorite,"he suggests.

I'm takin back by the fact he knew something like that,"I-im fine sir, I'll just go upstairs to the room and sleep."He looks upset by my answer but either way says goodnight to me.

When I entered my room I dived  into the bed soft velvet pillows kissing my face. I needed to learn how to be  sweet and nice towards him. But obviously if I'm too loving he will think something is up.I lift the covers over me feeling a slight chill, but just enough should be fine.

Looking towards the clock in the room, I wait patiently for the nighttime.


It was now midnight, an hour has passed since I saw ash's shadow going into his room. I quietly slide out of bed making sure I tip toe like a ninja towards his room.

After I turn the doorknob I felt a wave of anxiety hit me. My mind telling me to go back, that this wasn't what I wanted or needed to do. I walked towards his sleepy figure looking at him sleep peacefully.I could only laugh must be nice he could sleep this perfectly after he practically tore me from my life. Hugging my body I lift up the covers of the bed, I crawl in bed next to him then throw the cover on us .Staring towards his back I fell asleep waiting for the night to pass.

I woke up the next morning by a loud thump from beside me. I whine a little because I was having a nice dream, but open my eyes regardless. Ash was looking at me with adortion swimming in his eyes from the floor .Disgusting.

"Angel...,"he whispers to himself."why were you sleeping in here, I thought you wanted space," he breathes out.

Then the plan starts to take place. I grip onto his arms resting my hand on his chest," I had a nightmare."

He looked confused,"So why would you come to me,"he asks.

I hug him tightly," Because you can protect me," I say pouting at him.I could here his breathing hitch up,and sadly I could also feel the other thing that went up.He hugs me back leaning down to my ear biting it,"Really," he questions.

To make sure he knows I'm not joking,I nervously moan my response,"y-yes's..."with my response he leaves trails of kisses down my neck.Okay I didn't think this far, I don't plan on getting raped.

To change topic I push away from him and ask,"what's for breakfast?"

He kisses me on the nose,"I'll go make it now, lay back down I'll bring it too you."He quickly puts on some pants and rushes out of the room, leaving me alone.

I smiled to myself it worked. As long as I can keep him happy. I have time to come up with a great escape plan. This is a long process but the chances of me escaping successfully goes up I rest my head down on a pillow thinking of my master plan.

Thank you to all my readers, and I hope you enjoyed.💞

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