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Coffee Shop

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It's been about a week since vacation, I had so much; I went back to Mount Hood to hike, went swimming at the beach, and went shopping.

At the hotel I had stayed at, there was a awesome water park and best of all I got a complementary bowl of peanut M&M's, after I came back to my room in the afternoon.

I wish I could have hanged out with David more, but I didn't see him for the rest of the break, and I did not have his phone number sadly.

I couldn't hang out with Caleb, because he was busy being a detective.

And of course I couldn't hang out with Lily since she was at her parents, but either way I had a great break.

After Lily came back to the school I quickly showed her my motorcycle, I had bought over the break, and she was so jealous.

Lily said, she had fun at the house and she even bought me fudge.BEST FRIEND EVER!!!


School is as boring as ever, but I heard something I was really happy about a few minutes ago.

I heard these girls saying that there was a cafe on our campus.

I hadn't explored yet, so didn't know. I wish I had, then i wouldn't have had so much trouble staying up to do essay.

While walking back to my dorm with the new information, I see Lily sitting under a tree eating her lunch.

Lily why didn't you tell me there was a cafe on campus, I whine.

Sorry Sarah It slipt my mind, she says sheepishly.

Well, then you can take me later tonight, as punishment, I poutedly say.

I'll meet you there by this tree at 7 o'clock ,she say.

She leaves and goes back to her class and I went back to the dorm.

Unknown POV

I don't understand why none of them have said yes, they're just ungrateful.

I know they love me how could they not, I'm smart, funny and not to mention handsome.

Tonight's the night of my revenge.

It's a perfect night, it has the best scenery to produce the misery I have felt every time they had said no.
Tonight the night, sweet dreams Claire.


Once I got back to my room I proceeded to take a shower and get ready to go to the coffee shop.

After I got done getting ready, I hopped onto the couch and turned the TV on and started to watch the best movie series ever Harry Potter.

At 6:50 I left the room and went back to the tree Lily was eating under earlier.

After getting to the tree Lily was there and we went off to the coffee shop.

Please tell me why you want coffee before we go to bed, Lily wined.

Because coffee is life, I proudly state.

Lily rolled her eyes, at my statement and we continued to walk to the cafe.

See there's the cafe, she says suddenly. You're lucky it's still open.

yeah yeah yeah, just go in, i say.

I open the door and immediately I'm welcomed to the intoxicating smell of coffee.

I'm in love, I yell passionately. I practically run up to the counter, and start to look at the menu.

Hi sweet cheeks, I hear someone say.

I jump a little when I noticed him standing in front of me. How did I not see him I thought to myself.

The guy had short spiked up red hair with long thin white streaks in his hair.

Hey ladies, he smirks, why are you out so late, Came here to see me, he says flirtingly.

Smart ass, I say rolling my eyes. I turn my head to look back at the menu.

Baby, Please don't ignore me I'm sorry, my name's Jaxon, he apologizes.

Mines Sarah and you're forgiven, I smile. Both of us kept smiling at each other until we hear somebody clear their throat.

I quickly turn around seeing Lily smirking at me with an amused look in her eyes.

I gave her a question glance and she just shooked her head.

You like him don't you, she wispers teasingly. I start to blush, no, I mumbled.

I guess Jaxon heard what Lily said, because he was smirking when I turned back towards him.

I look away blushing, and both of them started laughing at me.


I look over at Jaxon, can you just give me some coffee.

He says, yes amusingly, and walks to the coffee maker, and starts making my coffee.

After a few minutes Jaxon came back with my coffee. Thank you, I reach out and grabbed the coffee, and gave him the money.

Have a nice night sweet cheecks, he yells loudly, while we were leaving. My face turns crimson and I scrambled quickly out of the cafe.

I take a sip of my coffee, it's perfect, I moan. You should have gotten one Lily.

Sarah, number one never ever make that noise while drinking coffee with me ever again, and two I'm about to go to bed, I'm tired, she grumbled.

We walked silently for a few minutes until it started to rain.

Good thing I brought my umbrella, Lily says. Thank God I thought we were going to have to run back, I say.

We were almost to our dorm when we heard a loud screech. What was that, I said. I don't know let's go look.

We walk towards the scream and there laying on the ground was a mangled body of a girl with a carnation on her chest.

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