Chapter 18

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Stiles spent hours waiting for Lydia to wake up. His thoughts where driving him mad. It was hitting the four hour mark when he decide that was enough.

He realised he actually had no idea where he was he pulled out his phone and clicked on goggle maps. Typing in an address, he clicked on directions and they soon showed up. Grabbing his leather jacket and picking Lydia up bridal style he left.

The high warlock looked up from His work when there was a knock at his door.
Opening the front door he sees a familiar face and an unfamiliar one.

"Hello Whiskey, and an unconscious girl?" Magnus questioned, whisky also surprised to see Stiles so soon after their fight.

"Yeah Magnus this is Lydia from Beacon Hills. And don't worry about the unconscious thing she does it all the time." Stiles said waving his hand in the air like it was nothing.

"Right?" Magnus replies looking at the girl, unsure whether or not to believe him. "So why are you here?"

"Right, Yes well before Lydia fell unconscious, we found a dead body and-"

"You found a dead body and you're coming to me?" Magnus questioned cutting Stiles off.

"I'm not finished yet. Anyway so Lydia I found this dead body and then screamed and a loud one at that, then she said that she came to me because she had a prediction that i was going to die-"

"You're going to die!"

"Stop interrupting! Anyway, before she, you know collapsed, she said demons are looking for me. And, and then written in blood it said 'the void Stiles must come out to play'." The teen finally finished and looked at the warlock for an answer.

"Lydia's a banshee?" Stiles looked exasperated and confused that, that was the only thing Magnus got out of it all.

"What so no 'don't worry Stiles, you won't become void again'?"

"Sorry, don't worry Stiles you won't become void again." Magnus said sarcastically.

"Stiles?" The two snapped there heads round, Lydia sat up rubbing her eyes. "Where am I?"

"Hello I'm Magnus, you're in my... apartment." Magnus introduced himself unsure whether or not he should say lair.

"Hi. I'm Lydia, banshee. Why are we here Mer?"

"Err Well what you said freaked me out and after four hours of you not waking up I came here. He's a warlock by the way. You did read that part in the book right?" Stiles asked carefully.

"Yeah I read it all. I was it for four hours? It's never been that long." Lydia wondered to herself but Stiles spoke anyway.

"Well it was one hell of a scream."

"Lydia, would you like anything?" Magnus asked being the host he is.

"No thanks." Lydia responded before turning to Stiles. "Why did it say that void Stiles must come out to play? We killed the nogitsune. We defiantly did."

"I don't know." Stiles said sadly.

"The demons who are killing these humans, may be getting orders from a greater demon. A nogitsune is a greater demon and a very powerful o e at that." Magnus told them going through possibilities in his head.

"So what, because I was once possessed these demons think they can get the nogitsune back. How by killing a couple mundanes?" Stiles stressed confused.

"Maybe the demons are loyal to the nogitsune, and believe that brigade you survived being possessed, that you still have some of it inside you." Lydia theorised.

"So what some part of this demon is inside me!" Stiles exclaimed scared of himself.

"That actually makes sense." Magnus said, looking at Lydia impressed. "Mer if demons are trying to pull out the nogitsune inside you, you need something to  hold onto, something like-"

"An anchor." Stiles muttered cutting the warlock off. Both Stiles and Lydia were very much aware of what that word meant. "Lydia you said something when you were unconscious, I think it was anchor."

"I did?" Lydia muttered to herself. "Mer you need an anchor now."

"If the nogitsune comes back, you may not be able to have control over your mind or body again." Magnus warned the two teenagers.

"Then this is really bad."

It was dark now outside and while Stiles, Magnus and Lydia where trying to find out more for Stiles' and everyone else's safety, Clary, Jace and Simon where hurriedly trying to get to Magnus' to save Luke's life.

They burst through the doors and Immediately saw the trio.
"Magnus we need your... help. Stiles? Who's that?" Clary asked before coming to her senses. "Anyway Luke needs you!"

Magnus hurried the away into another room.

"Who was that?" Lydia asked not liking the redhead already.

"That was Clary, the blonde was Jace and the glasses was Simon. He's human and the only one we like." Stiles answers standing up from the chair he had previously been sitting on.

"So Clary's the one who just found out she's a shadowhunter? And there all older than us right?"

"Yep, but we've seen cooler stuff than them."

"You know Simon reminds me off Stiles, the one from Beacon Hills before all this crazy stuff happened. You know when you had a giant crush on me." Lydia said laughing.

"Okay it was not giant!" Stiles tried to defend himself but he knew it was indeed giant.

"Yeah were all not the same anymore. You're always gonna be Stiles, but now you're also Merlin." The smiled at each other before Jace came round the corner with Simon.

"Magnus needs her help. We're going to get some ingredients." Jace said in an annoyed voice.

"You know I have a name right? I'm called Lydia nice to meet you oh wait it's not." The strawberry blonde said with a slight smile and a sarcastic voice.

"You know what, I don't care?" Jace responded before leaving.

"I'm Simon by the way. Simon Lewis." The awkward boy said before running off after Jace.

"Well better see why the warlock wants the banshee, and did that really just make sense to me?" Lydia laughed at the teen her age and they both went to see Magnus.

Magnus was stirring god knows what into a pot when they walked in.
"Hey why'd you need me?" Lydia asked.

"I need a drop of your blood." Magnus said cutting straight to the point. He handed the small girl a knife.

"What? Why?"
"Banshee blood is quite a good ingredient in most potions to boost the effects. Off course it's quite rare though."

"Err Okay I wish I didn't ask now." Lydia sliced her hand and let the blood drop into the pot.

"That's enough. Thank you." Magnus said healing her hand with his magic. She nodded her thanks.

"Who are you? No let me guess some other warlock?" Clary asked  coming up to them.

"No actually I'm a banshee. The names Lydia I already know yours."

"What's a banshee?" She asked quietly.

"Harbinger of death, really nothing to be afraid of." Lydia replied smiling. Stiles smirked in the background.

"What's all this for?" Clary then asked a very busy Magnus.

"The base for the potion." The high warlock said mixing two liquids together. The former liquid then flowed white.

"That's so cool!" Stiles exclaimed
Catching the attention of everyone. Lydia chuckled lightly. "Err I mean... err yeah."

"Stir. We need to get it ready before your boy toys get back," Magnus said. Clary didn't notice the jab he said towards her, though Stoles and Lydia did.

"I love Magnus already." Lydia whispered to Stiles who smirked.


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