Chapter 10

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Clary woke up sweating, her breathing all out of place. She had awoken from the most horrible nightmare.

"Hey hey it's okay. I'm here." Simon sat bedside her calming her down.

"Jace." The girl breathed out.

"What?" Simon asked confused.

"Yeah." Simon looked at her weirdly. "Must have been one hell of a nightmare."

"You have no idea. I was strapped to this piece of furniture and my mum was there. She kept telling this guy to protect me, but he put his hand in my skull and ripped out my brain."

"Hello Freddy Krueger."  Clary's sighs.

"Tell me about it."

"What are you doing here anyway?" The redhead asked her best friend. "Shouldn't you be in the infirmary?"

"Uh, I just.. wanted to see you." Simon responded.

"I am so sorry my messed up life put you in danger."  Jace had appeared at the door and listened in.

"I'm fine."

"No if those vampires hurt you... I couldn't live with myself. Your all I've got left." Jace walked away angry. He didn't know why he felt that way he just did.

"Don't get me wrong I'm really grateful your friends go me out before the vampires drained me like a Big Gulp," clary laughed before he continued.
"But... how well do you know this Jace guy? Can you trust him?"

"I think so. I mean he saved both our lives."

"True. But I was thinking... all if this craziness started when you bumped into him at the club. You think that's just a coincidence."

"Honestly I don't even know what to think anymore. All I know is that I have to get my memories back. I need to know who I really am. Maybe... maybe I saw where my mum hid the cup, and.. and if I could just remember. I could save her."

The two best friends carried on talking about every different possibility of where the cup could be. Simon remembers something about Magnus Bane and something clicked with Clary. She ran off to tell Jace leaving the mundane heartbroken... again.

Stiles was just heading to bead when he saw the mundane rushing to the exit/entrance.

"Hey what are you doing?" He called out, making Simon turn his head.

"I'm not going to be a prisoner here. I'm leaving." Stiles shrugged.

"Fine just don't get killed." Unfortunately for him Izzy had overheard.

"Stiles!" The teenager spun round to face his sisters glare. "Simon you can't leave it's too dangerous."

"You can't stop me!" He continued going as Izzy ran to get Clary and Jace.

Stiles rolled his eyes. Simon should be able to leave if he wants to. I wouldn't want to stay here, out of place in the institute.
He thought back to when he pretended to be a full mundane.
Smiling as he remembered the time he helped Scott with his 'break up' problems.

"Simon what are you doing?" Clary's voice snapped Stiles out of his day dream.

"I already told Stiles you can't keep me prisoner here."

"Prisoner? Wait Simon!" Stiles rolled his eyes at her terrible attempts to get him to stay. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going home Clary. And if you haven't already completely drunk their Kool-Aid you'd cone with me."

"No I can't."

"Yes you can! It's not safe here."

"In fact this is the safest place she could possibly be." Jace said coming up to them. Simon then ranted about some kid from high school. Stiles and Izzy kinda just shared a look at blocked everything out.

The mundane walked out.

"Well the point of all that was..." Stiles trailed off.

"Okay what is your problem." Clary said clearly annoyed and upset.

"My problem? I think you're the one with the problems."

"Why do you hate me so much!" Clary exclaimed out of frustration.

"Okay I hate a lot of people and I don't hate you." Clary's face brightened a little until he went to continue. "I deeply mistrust you, your personality annoys me and I don't like you. Different from hate."

"Argh! You're just so annoying with your little side remarks and your sarcastic comments! No one cares about you okay! Alex and Izzy probably only pretend because your supposedly their brother!" Izzy started to move towards her in anger but Jace stopped her.
Stiles face fell for a sec before becoming hard, he scoffed.

"You think you're so clever? You think everything in the world revolves around you. Well let me tell you something. You don't know me and you're never going to know me. You might be older than me but I've seen things that even Jace, your little lap dog, will never witness in his whole life. You don't understand the shit I've been through to stay alive. So don't ever presume something about my life again. Okay!"

His voice was steady, but dead cold until the end where he let out his anger in one word.


Stiles walked past, bumping his shoulder off of Jace's.

'Why do I keep finding myself in these sort of hell places?'

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