Chapter 5

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Stiles towel dried his hair after a well needed shower. Magnus had explained all about the mortal instruments and Valentine the previous night.
The shadowhunter accepted the warlocks offer and planned on going to the institute tomorrow. He would stay with Magnus until then.

At the institute the Lightwood siblings still hadn't confronted their father about the apparent new brother they had. The red head, Clary Fairchild, had yet to wake up, which made the blonde Wayland boy nervous.

Magnus believed that the Fairchild girl would soon come to him asking questions. He was still trying to uncover the secrets Merlin, or Stiles as he is now known as, had hidden well.

Stiles walked through the fancy apartment taking in the different colours and decorations of each room. His room was red and had a certain dangerous feel to it.

When he reached the kitchen, that smelt of fresh coffee, he was greeted by Magnus playing with some kittens.

"How did you sleep?" The warlock asked kindly.

"Err actually that's the best sleep I've had in months." Stiles answered honestly.

"How old are you?" The teenager was taken back a bit by the question.

"I'm 17, why?"

"You're still so young. Yet I can tell you've had a hundred years of experience in the odd and unnatural." Magnus spoke aloud his thoughts.

'What has this boy gone through?" He wondered.

"Well that's one way of putting it." Stiles grabbed a cup of coffee and leaned against the kitchen counter. He didn't quite understand why he found it so easy to open up to the warlock.

"What happened? You don't have to tell me of course I respect personal space"

"No it's fine." The boy took a deep breath reining I wanted memories.

"When I was 10 my real dad found d me. He trained me and gave me nearly everything in my bag I brought. I added to it of course over the years. But by then my foster mum had died leaving me with just my foster dad. But he's dead now too." Stiles took another breath wiping away a stray tear. Magnus felt so sorry for the teenager I front of him.

'He shouldn't have had to go through so much at such a young age.'

Stiles continued. "At the start of sophomore year my best friend was bitten by a werewolf. A different kind from the ones here. I had to help him though it without exposing myself. I had to lie to my best friend about what I was even though he also was part of the shadow world. We went up against many dangers together, with the help of others as well. I until about six months ago." Stiles breathing grew heavier.
"I was possessed by a nogitsune demon. I killed so many people. My friends, strangers. I nearly killed everyone in my pack as well."

"Pack?" Magnus asked, not understanding how a shadowhunter could be in a pack.

"Yeah Scott the werewolf best fro ed was a true alpha and a pack formed. A true alpha, a kitsune, a banshee, three beats, a huntress and me. They all thought I was human though."

"What made you leave?"

"After I killed a member of the pack. The huntress. The pack broke apart. And then my dad died. It was because of a demon. I couldn't get there in time to save him. So I left. There is nothing there for me anymore. So I decided to come here and find my biological family." Tears fell down the boys face.

"I'm so sorry. You should t have had to go through all that. You are welcome here whenever you want." The warlock wanted to help the poor boy. He didn't know why but he felt like he had to take care of him.

The mystery boy was no longer a mystery to him.

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