Chapter 13

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Stiles and Magnus appeared through the other end of the portal. Stiles took in the many warlocks around, all giving him weary looks.

"Err hey guys, I'm not here to kill you!" He rambled for a second while Magnus laughed.

"Oh please pay no attention to the shadowhunter. He is a friend and is called Stiles." The high warlock explained to the others of his kind.

"So I should probably tell you that I'm not in the good books of Jace and Clary." Magnus looked at the teenager.

"That doesn't surprise me."

"How? Wait did you do a warlocky-thing?" A couple had overheard the conversation and laughed at the boys words.

"No I didn't do a warlock-thing. I just took notice on some things." Magnus said suppressing a laugh.

"What that Grumpy-locks has no sense of humour, and Redhead thinks everything is her?"

"Yes. But also that your sarcastic and young when they believe the are older than they are."

Stiles thought about it for a second and it made sense. He doesn't want to, have to grow up. He'd rather stay in the moment and worry about things later.

'Grumpy-locks is just like Jackson. Clary's nothing like Lydia though. She's a redhead for one thing, and also is so dumb. Clary's more of an Erica, actually no that's an offence to Erica.'

"So how is the institute treating you whiskey?" Magnus asked as the walked through his apartment up to Stiles old, temporary room.

"Alright I guess. Clary and I had this fight off thing I walked off." The teenager hesitated before continuing.

"I called Scott and told him the truth about me. And...err well now he wants nothing to do with me."

Magnus turned from previously opening the door. He could tell that Stiles was not okay but was putting on a mask of sarcasm and witty comments to stop anyone to see through it. He was smart, but the warlock was smarter.

"Hey this room is now yours. I'm every lair I have you can have first dibs on a room. Your always welcome here." He put a reassuring hand on Stiles' shoulder and the teen understood what he was saying.

Even if it wasn't his biological family, he had one.

A bang from the other room put both the warlock and the shadowhunter on high alert.
"Stay safe." Magnus told Stiles.

"Can't promise anything." He responded reaching into his bag that was on the bed and pulling out a katana.

"What do you have in there?!"

"Best you don't know." Stiles responded before they both hastily rush out.

Jace, Clary, Alec and Izzy walked into an abandoned warehouse looking for Magnus' lair. The warehouse was dark but the shadowhunters' seraph blades were lighting up the room.

"Magnus' lair is right behind that fence." Jace said pointing at a wired fence.

"Magnus lives in a warehouse?" Clary asked confused.

"Not exactly. Warlock glamour"

"So things wrong. We shouldn't be able to get this close." Izzy noticed.

"His protective wards must be down." Jace added.

"You...don't get in the way." Alec told Clary I'm a seemingly bored voice, irritated that he didn't know where Stiles was.

Suddenly two men appeared by the fence. One killed the other putting the Shadowhunters on high alert panic mode.

"Oh god! Valentine found Magnus!" Clary exclaimed as they all ran forward.

Stiles sliced another circle members neck with his katana, and faced another one.
"You!" The man yelled at stiles punching him, and holding him against a wall. In the process his katana left his hand.

"Ow!" Stiles shouted and struggled against the circle members death grip on his throat.

Stiles managed to knock the mans seraph blade away and kicked him under the knees, making him buckle to the floor. He reached into his holsters to get his chosen weapons. Two identical Chinese ring daggers.

Spinning them in his hand he went to attach again, but by this time the unidentified man had regained balance. Talking his seraph dagger, the two fought trying to out wit the other.
Unfortunately one of stiles' daggers slipped out of his grip, and the circle member took the advantage, cutting stiles across his left arm.

Stiles cried out in pain and fell to the ground. By chance his katana was now in reach, and without a second thought he grabbed it and impaled the man. Killing him straight away.

Jace was above Stiles, and had been there for the whole fight. He saw how the shadowhunter held himself like he had nothing to lose. He saw how, even when he was hurt he didn't stop. He saw that there was no sign of mercy, or emotions when he held the katana. Much different from when he was without the certain weapon. His eyes and actions showing passion and determination.

'What is up with him? Merlin- or Stiles, whatever his name is. There's something not right with him.' Jace thought before turning to see Clary needing some help.

Jace Theo's a dagger into the circle members shoulder sending him to the floor.
"Thanks for that."

"Anytime." He says sending the redhead a wink.

"Come on, we're stronger if we stay together." Izzy told Clary after Jace walked out of sight agin.

"Okay." Clary the looked to the girl by her side. "I won't leave you alone I promise."

"I'm Magnus, I don't think we've been formally introduced." Magnus said to Alec after he saved his life.
Stiles had run in for a second behind Alec. Though he quickly realised what was going on.

"I'm Alec." The shadowhunter said with a smile on his face. Magnus noticed Stiles spastically try to hidetry to hide behind a pillar.

"Oh, uh... we should really... you know, probably get..."

"Right we should join the party." Magnus replies. Stiles, who was third wheeling in the background, scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.


The two past Stiles, Alec turned red for a second before rushing off.
Magnus pauses for a second as Stiles awkwardly says 'hey'. The warlock laughing slightly at the boys awkwardness, before following Alec.

'Why am I always the third wheel for these moments!' Stiles thought, thinking back to when Allison and Scott had their first kiss in sophomore year.

'Those were the days.'

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