Chapter 12

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Once I'm the Pandemonium, Stiles headed straight for the bar.

"One virgin bloody mary please." He ordered.
The teenager was served and he drank on his own.

Meanwhile Clary, Jace, Alex and Izzy where waiting to get in outside.

"Do you think reds my colour?" Izzy asks Clary, shadowing off Magnus' necklace.

"Iz, with a body like yours everything's your colour."

"Good point. Damm I make this necklace look so good." Alec rolled his eyes annoyed.

"Will you take it off. I'm certain Magnus doesn't want drool on his ruby, when we make the exchange."

"I don't know. Most men like it when I admire their jewels," She replies with a smirk.

"Just give it to Jace." Izzy giggles they herself, Clary joining in.

"You're such a buzzkill!" The brunette does though hand over the jewel.

Once the four where in the institute they split up. The two Lightwoods guard while Clary and Jace head over to Magnus.

Stiles was still at the bar, on his third virgin bloody mary. Alec spots him and walks over.

"Stiles? What are you doing here?"

"Getting drunk." Stiles spots his brothers bow and looks back at him.

"what's going on?"

"We set up a meeting with Magnus and Clary. Their talking now."

Stiles' interests peaked when Alec said Magnus' name.
"Why Magnus?"

"Because he was the warlock who took her memories." Alec responded looking over his shoulder.

"Oh, right." He underaged boy took another sip of his drink.

"How many have you had?"

"This is the third." Alec sighs.

"Come on you know those things out hardcore, and you're only a kid. Your not even legally allowed to drink."

"That's not stopping me."

"Well I'm going to keep looking around. You coming?" Stiles downed his drink and left his bill.


Both of them walked up closer to Magus, Clary and Jace.
"Hey I'm going this way, okay?" Alec said. Stiles nodded and they split up.

"Now it's your turn to pay up." Stiles heard Clary demand trying to sound hard.

"I wish I could retrieve your memories but I no longer have them." Magnus responded as Stiles walked a little closer.

"What? Where are they?" Clary's hard act melted away quickly at the news.

"I fed them to a memory demon for safekeeping." The warlock responded quickly.

"And why the hell would you do that?" Jace asked pissed.

"To protect Clary and the cup. If Valentine ever captured him he could of tort he'd his memories out of him." Stiles said stepping forward next to Magnus.

"Yes, just like he toured Dot." Magnus ended before adding. "Hello whiskey. I assume you're here with them?"

"Tortured?" Clary mumbled to herself.

"It's err... complicated. I'll tell you later." Stiles replies everyone ignoring Clary.

"Wait you two know each other?" Jace questioned Stiles, confused.

"Yeah that's a-" stiles stared but was interrupted by Clary.

"What do you mean tortured! Is Dot okay?"

"You don't know? Dot is dead." Magnus told the redhead.

"What? How do you know!" Tears formed in Clary's eyes.

"I can't feel her magic anymore." Magnus gave Clary a moment before continuing. "Valentine killed her because she would not give up your mother."

"Oh my god." Stiles exchanged a glance with Magnus and revived a glare from Jace.

"Come with me Clary, my lair can offer you protection no, shadowhunter ever could. No offence Whiskey." Magnus flared at Jace before looking at Stiles.

"None taken."

"No! No, Im not going anywhere with you!"

"Don't be a fool. You're mother would want you too live." Magnus argued back.

"Then help me get my memories back from whatever demon you fed them too."

"Yeah I'm betting it's not that simple." Stiles little remark was ignored by everyone.

"Valentine is hunting you too. And every moment we spend outside of my lairs protection,is a moment Valentine get closer to us." Magnus then magic ups a portal. He extends out a hand to Clary.

"Come with me." Jace shakes her head at Clary.
"I won't offer again." Magnus said growing impatient.

"No, I won't hide from my problems and neither should you!"

"Look out!" Izzy shouts as an arrow flies past, in between Magnus and Stiles.
The arrow hit a circle member in the chest.
Alec then rushed down to the man checking him to make sure he was dead.

"Who are you?" Magnus asked looking Alec up and down. Stiles noticed and gagged slightly.
Magnus then proceeded to walk towards his portal.

"Magnus wait!" Clary tried to stop him. "You're my only hope."

"Valentine found us, I warned your mother this might happen. Whiskey you coming?"

"Yep I need my stuff." Stiles said walking into the portal with Magnus.

The two left Clary a button and a lot of questions from everyone else.

"Did Magnus just call Stiles Whiskey?" Izzy asked earning a slight glare from Clary.

'That's all she took in from that?' The redhead thought, anger and grief hitting her like a bomb.

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