Chapter 16

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Clary was aimlessly flicking through her old sketch books when Jace appeared at the doorway.
"Hey, how you doing?"

"Not great, but I'll be fine."

"Can I come in?"

"Yeah." Jace came in and sat next to her in the bed.

"You know, that move you pulled back there. Launching into the tornado was pretty impressive. You must have one hell of an instructor." Jace winked trying to lift Clary's mood.

"I didn't even know what I was doing. I just acted." Jace smiled at her.

"Clary... you killed one of the greater demons. Not a lot of Shadowhunters can say that."

"Yeah But I'm killing that demon, I lost my memories forever." Clary sighed.


"I can't believe it. I'm never going to find my mother am I?"

"Hey. We will find her. I promise." Clary signed but believing him. "Get some sleep, okay?"

Jace left the room and Clary picked up her phone dialling her best friend.

"Come on Simon. Argh pick up." The phone hung up, and clary threw her phone back onto the bed.

The redhead walked over to the mirror on the wall, taking off her jewellery. When she touched the necklace her mum gave to her, it glowed purple.

Clary thought of her mother and suddenly she could see her.
Joslyn was floating in a mist of magic, with Valentine looking down at her.

"Nice to see you Clary." Valentines voice spoke directly to her. Clary gasped opening her eyes before closing them once more.

"You want you're mother." Valentine looked straight into her eyes. "Give me the cup!"

Clary opened her eyes gasping, throwing her necklace into her bed she whispered.

"Argh, Ow." Stiles groaned as he rubbed his eyes waking up to a splitting head ache.
Suddenly remembering what had happened after he left Magnus' stiles looked around in panic, quickly seeing Lydia next to him.

"Sorry, I accidentally dropped you on the stairs." Lydia apologised cringing at the memory.

Stiles ignored her words and reached out, his hand touching her face.
"You're really here." He whispered.

"Yeah. And I'm not going back whatever you say. My mum knows and she understands. I'm not leaving you alone."

"But Lydia you don't know what I've done. The lies I've told to you, to everyone."  At that Lydia grabbed the old looking book, bound in leather on the coffee table next to the sofa he was lying on.

"I found this in your room." Stiles recognised the book as the Lightwood  bestiary. "Its a bestiary isn't it? But nut like the Argent or the Hale one. This ones different. It's all about Shadowhunters and Demons. And all about the Lightwood family."


"It's tells a story of the third Lightwood child or this generation. It's says that the baby was put up for adoption and never heard of again until the father visited him again when he was 10. His name was Merlin Lightwood. Stiles that was you wasn't it?"

Stiles looked shocked and some what relived.

'She figured it out.'

"Yeah. I'm Merlin Lightwood. How did you?-"

"I lot of time. I've had nearly no sleep. And I knew you had to have a reason to just disappearing into thin air."

"So you're okay with it. That I kept who I am a secret?" Stiles asked scared of her answer.

"Stiles. Do you really think I would have came all the way out here if I wasn't okay with it. I understand why you did everything you did. You promised your father." Lydia's smoked dropped at the end. Stiles looked down grief in his eyes.

"How is everyone?"

"No one is great. Everyone loved your dad."

"Yeah, he was a pretty great guy." The both sighed and Lydia pulled Stiles into a hug.

"Just never leave without an explanation again, okay?"

"Yeah, Sorry."

Silence fell around them as Stiles debated whether he should even ask her.

"Lydia. Does Scott- does he care?"
Lydia tightened her lips tighter.

"Stiles. He's taking it hard. He doesn't get why you didn't tell him. He ah- he doesn't know I came here."

Once again silence fell around them as they looked at each other.

"Can I call you Mer?" Lydia randomly asked breaking the tension.


"Mer, short for Merlin."

"Yeah." Stiles smiled at the girl in front of him. "Yeah I think that would be alright.

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