Chapter 7

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After a while of explaining his story to the two Lightwood siblings, Stiles could finally breath again,
Alec and Izzy couldn't believe that their dad had an affair on their mum. But it made sense. The sudden disappearing every so often. And the last minute trips, visiting relatives or at least that's what their dad told them. In a way he wasn't even lying.

"So how come you said it was your fault a lot of your family is gone?" Izzy asked but regretted it when she saw his strained face. "You don't have to tell me."

"No it's fine. Err well my best friend was turned into a werewolf I'm sophomore year. And well over time we got into a lot of trouble and I mean a lot!"

"What sort of trouble?" Alec asked wanting to know what sort of person his brother was.

"Well my dad was the sherif and it always fascinated me how he mundane world works. But their was this rabid alpha going around killing mundanes and with the help of this other werewolf and actually some hunters we stopped it. Over time My best friend become a true alpha. And we had a pack. It wasn't a normal o e though like we had werewolves, a were coyote, a kitsune, a huntress at one point and a banshee."

"Yeah that's different." Izzy said trying to get here head around it.

'A fox and a wolf? How did that work out?'

"What else happened?" Alec could tell that Stiles wasn't telling them everything.

"Well err we didn't just go up against the rabid Alpha, there was also a kanima, the alpha pack, berserkers, a dead pool, and err a nogitsune." Stiles starched the back of his neck. He didn't want to tell them he was responsible for killing so many people.

"What is it?"

"I... I err... I was possessed by the nogitsune. And I killed a lot of people including some pack members." Stiles' voice grew quieter with each word, ashamed of what he had done.

Alec was surprised but it made sense, that's why he had to leave.
Izzy felt sorry and just wanted to give him a hug so that's what she did.
Stiles was shocked. He expected for them to push him away in disgust. He was defiantly not expecting a hug.

"It's so sorry for what you had to go through. Your part of the family now, and we stick together." Izzy spoke smiling at the young boy.

"So if that all started in sophomore year. How old are you now?" Alec asked. He looked like he could be his age but maybe you get. And after all the things he says happens to him they can't have happened over what two three years of high school.

"I'm seventeen." Alec couldn't respond before Jace shouted.

"Izzy! We need you."

"Okay! Sorry little brother but I need to go. Alec fill him in, he's coming with us to the hotel."  Izzy ran off, her heels clipping on the ground.


"Look before I start to explain the crappy things that are going on right now just listen to this. You're my brother I want to trust you, so don't give me a reason not to."

"Yeah understood. I don't want to come between you and Izzy at all okay." He said with honesty.

Alec then went on to explain to the teenager what is happening with the new found shadowhunter, Clary Fray.

"So basically this girl shows out of no where, is Valentines daughter! And no one finds that suspicious?" Stiles asked in disbelief as him and his brother walked over to the others.

"That's what I said! But Jace is too focused on getting laid to think if it like that."

"Maybe we should get him a holler or something?" Stiles added with a sly grin. Alec just laughed at the boys comment.

"Hey. So you're Merlin." Jace spoke to the brothers coming up the stairs. His arms were crossed on a defensive way.

"Its Stiles, but yeah."

"Of you do anything to Alec or Izzy I'll-"

"Do you what? Kill me? Trust me I don't go down easy." Jace advanced towards the boy angry but Alec stops him.

"Hey easy."

"Boys will be boys." Izzy muttered to Clary and she grinned.

"Who's he?" The redhead asked.

"Im their long lost brother, finally come home to see his family." Stiles spoke dramatically adding a sigh at the end. Clary blushes a little knowing that he had heard her.

"Is he serious?"

"Nah he's just a little kid." Izzy responded with a grin.

"Hey I can legally drive can't I? And I bet you've never seen a Kanima before!"

"What's a kanima?"
"Lizard thing it doesn't matter. So anyway I hear we're going to break into the vamp hotel."

"WE are YOU'RE not." Jace spat out not liking this guy one bit.

'He came out of no where, claimed that he was a Lightwood and then acts like he knows so much about this world. He's only a kid!'

"Jace, he's coming. He's one of us." Stiles smiled at his sister for sticking up for him. He didn't particularly like the redhead, Clary or Jace. There was something off about both of them.

"So are we going or not?"

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