Chapter 4

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The two male shadowhunters were waiting for their sister to arrive back after a small mission. They also were waiting for the mystery redhead girl to wake up.

"Where is Izzy!"

"Hey Alec calm down. She's probably found someone to fool around with for the rest of the night."

"What? You saying she's just some slut? That's my sister Jace!"
"Hey i know she's my sister too. I didn't mean to offend you- Hey What's that?" Jace called out when he saw the screen showing something in the perimeter outside.

"I don't know... let's check it out." The two brothers grab there seraph blades and run out of my the doors.

"Izzy!" Alec shouts when he sees her unconscious body. "Oh my god, oh my- Jace help me!" The blonde is quick to help Alec in aiding the young adult.

"Oh Izzy what have you gotten yourself into?"
They quickly get Isabelle into the safety of the institute and set her down on a bed next to the Redhead.

"Alec?" The two boys spun round two face the girl as she spoke, waking up.

"Izzy what happened?" Her brother rushing to her side.

"The mission. The demon nearly got
me but this guy was there and saved my life. He was a shadowhunter. He had the runes and everything. He
said... he said his name was Merlin Lightwood." Izzy splutters out still trying to gain consciousness.

"Lightwood?" Jace wondered out loud.

"Do you guys have a relative called Merlin?"

"No." Alec answers still making sure Izzy was okay.

"Then who is he?"

"Alec. He knew dad. He called me Sis." Izzy said sitting up much to the reluctance of her brother.

"Sis? As in sister!" Jace exclaimed getting the attention of a few passing shadowhunters.

"Yes." Izzy whispered still in shock.

Stiles (3rd pov still)

The teenager voiced his leg up and down repeatedly.
He bit his fingers until Hey we're sore.

'What if they don't want me'

'Maybe I shouldn't have knocked her out'

'I can't go to the institute now'

'What am I going to do??'

"Arghh!" He shouts out in angry whilst kicking a couple trash cans over. Disgusting rubbish spilling everywhere.

"So what's got you in a fuss?" Stiles spun around in fright and confusion.
He saw an Asian man in his twenties maybe? He had lots of glittery eyeliner on marking him stand out.

"What are you werewolf?"

"No, actually I'm a warlock. The high warlock of New York in fact." When the warlock noticed that Stiles didn't care he continued. "My names Magnus Bane. Yours?"
Stiles rose his eyebrows at the friendliness from the warlock.

"What do you want? I know your not here to just chat."

"No. I'm not. Merlin Lightwood." The shadowhunter took a step back in confusion.

"How do you know my name?" Magnus laughed a little at the boys defensive actions.

"I saw you talking to the other shadowhunter last night. Isabelle Lightwood was it? And well you intrigued me."

"How?" Stiles stood still with the warlock walked around him almost inspecting him.

"Your a shadowhunter but no one has ever seen you before. Your a Lightwood but your family doesn't know you. You carry a black bag full of weapons around you at all times. And you sleep on the streets." 
Stiles was shocked by how much the warlock knew.

"So what do you want? Cause I am not in the mood for this."
The warlock looked over the boy again seeing how tired he looked, and that his clothes were on the edge of being tatters.

"I would like to make a offer of a some sorts. We both win if you agree."

"What of offer?" Stiles' eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"You can come live with me and be safe from Valentine ect. if you can find out a little information for me." Stiles though about it.

"Are you on about Valentine's Day? And what information?" Magnus' bros knotted up in confusion.

"You don't know who Valentine is?"

"No should I? Please don't tell me it is a mass murderous thing that wants to kill everyone and everything?"Stiles hoped thinking back to Peter, Kanima, the Darach, Deucalion and even the nogitsune.

"Well yes actually but he want to kill all the downworlders and demons." Magnus spike snapping Stiles out of his daze. The warlock found the mystery boy interesting but confusing.

"Oh." Is all Stiles said in response. The boy still having flashbacks to the time he was possessed by the nogitsune.

"So what's your response to my offer?"

"Er what information do I need to get you?" 

"I want to know if the clave has the mortal cup." Magnus' expressions grew darken on the words 'mortal cup' but stiles stayed confused.

"The what?"

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