Chapter 1

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Stiles brought his stele back over the glamour rune, becoming visible to the mundanes. Then he hid the marks on his body with another rune. Looking mundane as ever he hid his shadow-hunting gear in a bow under his floorboards.

He run his fingers through his messy brown hair and took out a checked shirt to replace his leather jacket.

After 17 years of hiding his true self, even when his friends knew about the supernatural world, had grown tiring. All Stiles ever wanted was to move to New York and find his true family.

He was very aware that his father gave him up after he had an affair on his wife. He had spent the first few years of his life in foster home until the sherif of Beacon Hills and his wife took him in. The mother figure soon died though which took a toll out of Stiles.

That was his first step into watching his friends die around him.

He discovered about the shadow world when he was 10. His biological father had found him to train him so he could protect the ones he loved.

His father told him why he gave him up and about his real family. Stiles even at a young age understood but still held a grudge against him to this day.

Stiles now was expertly amazing at handling all weapons, but his chosen ones are a pair of Chinese ring daggers. He found it quite funny when Allison got her self a pair.

He had plans that to stay in New York before it happened. Now it's the only thing in his head that makes sense to him.
Because the pack is split up and there is no hope for it ever to rejoin. His dad... died.
It was a demon he couldn't get to it on time.
In his eyes it was his fault...

There is nothing in Beacon Hills but death and destruction.

New York is were his half-family is. He has no idea who his mum is, but I do I have a sister, Isabelle and a brother, Alec.  So New York you better get yourself ready for a Stiles that is fully showing his true colours and not hiding behind checked shirts.
But don't worry his sarcasm and ability to get himself  into sticky situations stays with him where ever he goes.

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