Chapter 6

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Stiles set down the bottle of vintage whiskey. He was going to see his biological family tomorrow. Well technically today.
Going for another swig of whiskey he sighed.
There wasn't any left.

He glanced over at the the clock that was hanging in the wall.


He had been drinking, sitting in the same position, staring into the city outside of the apartment he was in for three hours.

Magnus came in group the front door and immediately went looking for the young boy he had took in. When the warlock found him he noticed the bottle of whiskey on the floor.

"You know that was my favourite, one of a kind whiskey." Stiles turned at the sound of his voice.

"Sorry?" The boy tried to sound what he said but didn't quite get there.

"Your underage as well." Magnus crossed his arms.

"Does it look like I care?" Stiles looked back towards the window. "I'm going to go to the institute tomorrow." Magnus looked down, ashamed that he is making him go there when he clearly doesn't want to right now.

"Look whiskey, if you don't want to go I understand. You can stay here if you like. I your company's not that bad." Stiles smiled at his nickname. Lydia once told him he had whiskey coloured eyes.

His grew sad from the memories of the girl he still loved, but she would never love him back. Another reason he left Beacon Hills.

"Err yeah thanks but I have to face them at some point. I used to like the idea of leaving a problem, but I need to do this. I'll see if they have the cup or not."

"Thank you." The warlock said before walking out the room, leaving the boy to his thoughts.

'What the hell happened to me? I wish my 'dad' never found me. Then at least I wouldn't have to lie to my pack all that time. Ex-pack... I miss them all. Especially Scott. I miss my dad too.'

A lonely tear ran down stiles face as he thought about his dad, Scott, Lydia, Allison. Hell even sour wolf Derek made him cry a little more.

He wiped his face and went into his room and got ready for bed. That night he dreamt of all the things he had done to his pack that caused them to fall apart. Because it was true. He was the reason the pack fell apart.


The next morning Stiles got up ignoring the massive hang over he was having and got out his phone.

While Izzy had been unconscious in his arms he made sure to take her number for what he was about to do.

Pressing his sisters name he hit more worried every second a ring passed.
Finally in the last second she picked up.

"Hello? Who is this?"

"It's err... Merlin."

"What how did you get this number?"

"Well you were unconscious at the time."

"Not creepy at all... what do you want I'm kinda busy."

"Look I just want to talk to you and Alec." Stiles heard her sigh on the other end.

"I don't know. You knocked me out."

"I didn't want to. Just please I just want to talk. I need to go to the institute anyway."

"Fine, I want to know more about you. If I find out you're lying your dead by the way."

"I can deal with that. Thank you Isabelle."

"It's just Izzy. And your welcome. Are you really my brother?"



"I'll tell you at 10."

"Okay. Bye." She hung up before he could get another word out.

Stiles looked at the time. He had an hour to get there. After quickly showering he went though to he kitchen and grabbed an apple. He knew he should probably start eating better but he just wasn't hungry.

He walked out not seeing Magnus. He also left most of his stuff at Magnus', he had his Chinese daggers, seraph blade and a crossbow with him, but the rest he left behind.

Stiles activated is glamour rune and made his way to his institute. Once outside the dreary looking old church he began to get nervous.

'What if they want nothing to do with me and I can't all this way for nothing? What do I do then?'

Shaking his head in attempt to get rid of the thoughts he entered the church which changed into a white, gleaming institute.

'Here goes nothing.'

"Merlin?" Izzy called out not really believing what she was doing but she was running on instinct. And after a night like last night with the Clary girl that was all she had left.

"Err.. hi? And call me Stiles." The boy stuttered out.

"Stiles?" Izzy was taking in the vibe that 'Stiles' gave off. It was like he was empty and just wanted a better chance. At what, she didn't know yet.

"Yeah its a nickname. So..." the awkward tension was recognisable from the other side of the big hall they were in by Alec. He of course came over to make sure everything was okay with her sister.

"Hey Izzy. You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine Alec." Stiles' head snapped up at the word Alec. He wanted to see what his half brother was like.

"Who are you? I haven't seen you before." Alec immediately getting into defensive mode as the over protective big brother.

"I'm Merlin. But call me Stiles, or little brother would do. Or are you more of a lil' bro kinda guy." Stiles regretted going out like that when he saw Alec's face turn into anger.

"So you're our so called brother who knocked out MY sister!"

"Alec. He just came to talk." Isabel tried to keep it peaceful.

"I'm not talking to him. He's just a liar." Alec said pointing his finger at the boy in front of him.

"Look I didn't want to knock Izzy out, but I had to. I didn't want to be forced into coming here. I just want to explain myself and I just want to know who my family is."

"Your family isn't here, they're where ever you came from." Alec sneered at Stiles before turning and walked off. Before he could go far Stiles called out again.

"Well if you mean go to a graveyard, then maybe I should hang out with the vamps."

Izzy looked at stiles with pity in her eyes. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It's my fault a lot of my family is gone." By family Stiles included his former pack as well as his dad and mum. Alec had slowly made his way back to the two shadowhunters. Guilt in his eyes.

"Look can I just explain myself. Then I'll go." Stiles tried one final go.

"Okay." Alec nearly whispered.

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