Chapter 17

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"So I think we're going to have to go shopping. We don't have that much food." Lydia said looking at the nearly empty fridge.

"Yeah I don't know where any shops actually are." Lydia gave Stiles a questionable look. "What? I've been to busy to go food shopping." He defends pulling a black shirt over his head.

Lydia was wearing node coloured hells with a blue short dress, and of course her signature red lip stick.
"So do you only wear black now? And by the way you're starting to look like Derek." Stiles looked shocked at Lydia's statement. Looking himself up and down he realised something.

"Oh my god, I'm like Derek!"

Lydia laughed grabbing her demin jacket and her bag.
"Come on I'm hungry." She outstretched a hand to him which Stiles took without hesitation.

It wasn't a romantic gesture, just something that need them feel safer. With what they had gone through in Beacon Hills together you could barley blame them for meting close.

"So what do you want to get, because I'm fine with anything." Stiles asked looking for a shop.

"Well we could- oh is that a shop there." Lydia wondered walking towards it, looking back over her shoulder to Stiles before entering a back ally of the street they were in. The teenager didn't hesitate to follow  thinking of her banshee abilities.

"Lydia?" Stiles called out before seeing the strawberry blonde standing still.

"Stiles this isn't a shop. It's a crime scene." Lydia whispers not taking her eyes off of the body in front of her.

A man in a police uniform lay in the ground. His throat ripped out, blood everywhere.
On the wall near the body a message was written in blood.

"The void Stiles must come out to play." Lydia read it aloud.

"Lydia, when you found me. You said I was going to die. Why?"

"Because demons are looking for you." Lydia whispers before screaming a deafening scream, that cracked the windows and shook the rubbish bins.

Stiles held his hands up against his ears, in attempt to vouch the sound out.

Lydia collapsed when she finally stopped screaming, but Stiles caught her before she hit the ground.

"Oh Lydia. What do you mean? There looking for me? I'm not void. I'm not. Not since you came back." Stiles muttered to himself as he carried Lydia throw back alleyways and small streets, to the apartment.

When they finally got back Lydia mumbled something in her sleep.

The portal door opened in front of Izzy and Clary. Maryse Lightwood walked through the portal and up to the girls. Confidence filling each step she took.

"Isabelle. Dress to impress as always I see. And you've been playing with the family heirlooms." Izzy looked down at her feet.

"Hi, I'm Clary Fray."

"Clary Fairchild." Maryse corrected. "You look just like your mother. We know all about you in Idris."

"Idris?" Clary asked confused.

"The shadowhunter homeland. If you think the institute is well hidden, you should see that place." Izzy informed her. Regaining her confidence she asks her mother. "How's Max? We all miss him. Little brother cute but clingy. Kinda Simon-ish." She added for Clary sake.

"Roberts picking him up at the Mumbai institute. Where's Jace? we have a situation that has to be handled now." Maryse asked looking around. She walked through the two girls brushing past.

"Well that's my mum." Izzy said looking at a shocked Clary.

Jace was training when Maryse, Izzy and Clary came up watching him.

"Is your mum always like that? She didn't even hug you?" Clary asked bewildered. "Shadowhunters aren't big huggers."

Jace turned to see them watching him.
"Maryse, Hey." He chuckles as Maryse pulled him into a hug.
Izzy looked away hurt.

"It's great to see you. How's everyone in Idris. Where's Max?"

"No Max. Just mum with her hair on fire." Izzy said walking up to her family.

"I love how shadowhunters share. A secret country, a hidden brother and a private portal." Clary said coming up to them as well.

"Mother. Welcome back we didn't expect you." Alec greeted walking in, getting pulled into a hug.
Izzy was once more hurt that she didn't get one.

"You should always be ready if you expect me or not."

"I am, we are."

"We'll talk about the Institute later. We have a bigger problem." Alec and Izzy shared a look both thinking of Stiles. "The Seelies have stopped communicating with the Clave, and we don't know why. My guess is there still upset we asked them to look for Valentine." Maryse told them whist walking around in a circle.

"I have Seelie friends." Izzy piped in.

"Yes I know all about your 'friends'" Maryse said with attitude. "Isabelle we separate ourselves from the downworlders for good reasons. Who knows what they get offended by and what you told him, them. Maybe you tried on one of their ridicules customs without knowing it." Izzy looked away from her mother upset.

"Wait So you're blaming this on Izzy because he has Seelie friends?" Jace said standing up for Izzy.

"When someone upsets the natural order, everything falls apart."

"The natural order?" Clary asked confused. "What are you saying."

"I can help. I know how to talk to Seelies." Izzy butted in.

"She's right." Alec said. "She could visit with Meliorn and see what he knows. I'd go with her if you want."

"I'd rather Jace goes along this time. You look after the Fairchild girl." Maryse argued her point a few moments more before wining the argument. Leaving Alec with babysitting duty, while Jace and Izzy go to the Seelies.

"Izzy." Alec whispered grabbing her arm. "Do you think mum knows? About Stiles?"

"I don't think she would have stayed with dad if he did." Izzy muttered.

"Do you know here he is?" Alec asked worried. He wanted to apologise so badly.

"No I have no clue. I feel so bad. I just want to apologise." Izzy said looking over her shoulder.

"Yeah same." Alec sighed.

"Izzy come in!" Jace called after the brunette.

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