Chapter 11

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Stiles had walked back to his 'room' and grabbed his jacket. He never really had moved in probably so staying away for a little time wouldn't be too hard.

He was planning on seeing Magnus and getting his stuff from him. Magnus already felt like a best friend to the orphan.

He was walking past his siblings, Jace, Clary and Hodge when Izzy called out to him.

"Stiles what are you doing?" Alec had come to join the pair.

"I just... I need some time alone. I can't deal with her. I also have some stuff to do." Stiles told them reluctantly.

"What stuff?" Alec asked not convinced.

"I just need to make sure Scott- my friend, is okay."

'And lydia.' He said in his head.

"Okay just stay alive." Izzy assured him understanding they didn't leave on good terms. The girl also knowing that what Clary said had really affected him.

"Yeah, and if you need anything just call us okay?" Alec reassured his little brother, feeling responsible for him.

"Yeah, Yeah." Stiles trailed off, "Well bye I guess. I'll be back."

"You better." Izzy replies jokingly, Alec smiling, the pair waving him off.
As he walked out the doors Jace came up to them.

"Where did he go?" Clary had also joined him.

"He needs some time." Izzy replied quickly before Alec could say something to Clary.

"But we need to get my memories back?" The red head questioned, only thinking of herself.

"Your not everyone's number one priority right now!" Alec snapped at her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jace said, stepping in.

"Alec go get Hodge!" Izzy ordered, interrupting the two she considered brothers before a fight broke out.

Stiles had been walking around the streets of New York trying to work up the courage to call Scott.

Eventually he sat down on a bench and put his phone next to him.

'You're being stupid Stiles. Just pick up the phone and call him. He won't be mad at you. You only should ed at him and left with no goodbyes. Oh for god sakes.'

He picked up the phone and dialled the familiar number.

"Hello?" The sound of his best friend brought a smile to the teenagers face.

"Scott. It's me, Stiles."

"Stiles! Where are you? Are you okay? I'm so sorry about what I said! I-"

"Scott it's okay. I'm sorry too."

"Where are you?"

"New York."

"Why? Is that where your family is?"

"Yeah. I've got two brothers and a sister. I've not actually met my parents yet or my younger brother."

"What? How?"

"Scott I didn't tell you something about me. Something big." There was a pause over on Scott's side of the phone call.

"Stiles. What is it?"

"I'm part of the supernatural world."

"What? No.. no you can't be!"

"I always have been. I was born into it. My real dad cane to me when I was 10 and told me all about it. That's why I skipped school a lot then."

"I can't believe this... what are you?"

"I'm half angel, half human. I'm called a shadowhunter. Where my family lives is I a building called the institute, which is where shadowhunter look after humans."

Silence rang through the phone.

"Scott? Scott please."

"How did you never tell me? When I was human i understand but when I was bit! Or when I had pack! Why not?"
"Because I couldn't. I swore to my father I wouldn't tell anyone. Even if he was a lesser man I kept my promise to him!"

"I can't believe I trusted you. I can't believe I though you were my best friend!"

"Scott... don't..."

"Never talk to me again. Lightwood."

The phone rang silent as Scott hung up.

Stiles sat there for a second not sure what to do.

He had finally nearly managed to fill the void with his family and the hope in his friends. Not it had been ripped wide open.

He sat still thinking. That was the last thing he wanted to do right now.

It was late when he finally moved off that bench.

He just wanted a drink.

'Well I wonder how pandemonium is like at this time?'


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