Chapter 8

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The five shadow hunters stepped out of a very crammed van. They had to use Simons band van which didn't appeal to all.

"Why are we in a graveyard?" Clary the oblivious one asked looking around.

"Because we need help from the ghosties to fight the vamps." Stiles said sarcastically while fixing his cross bow in place on his back.

"What seriously?" Alec rolled his eyes at the red heads innocence.

"What? No."

"We're here because there's a cash of weapons stashed with m...who Izzy?" Jace or Goldilocks as Stiles likes to call him answered.

"Mary Mulligan, born January 10th 1802, died January 10th 1878"

"Well she didn't get a good birthday wish that year." Everyone ignored Stiles' comment,

"Alright lets go."

"Wait why are shadowhunter weapons in a grave?" Alec and Stiles bury shared a look before rolling their eyes.

"Because all the ancient religions recognised demons. Or at least they used to." Izzy explained after glaring at her brothers.

"Typical mundane lack of imagination." Alec muttered.

"What so your mad we did too good a job. You jut can't quit it can you?"

"Hey you know what Alec go look by he angel."

Alec walked off clearly pissed, Izzy kept by Stiles while the two 'lovers' talked among themselves.

"Do you agree with him." Izzy asked her newly found bro.

"I dunno I- mundane aren't bad I know that for a fact but, Alec's right on this one. They forgot the truth. It's their fault." Stiles scratched the back of his neck.

"I can't believe you two!" Izzy then stalked off going to look at another grave stone.

Stiles didn't like the vibe graveyards gave off. It reminded him about how it felt as the nogitsune. A shiver ran down his back as flashbacks flew threw his head.

"Err- I'm gonna wait i-in the van." The boy managed to splutter out.
"What we need your help?" Jace called out but Stiles ignored him running out of the graveyard.

His brother and sister looked at each other, both worried, and wondering what was wrong.

Stiles pulled open the graffitied vans door and slammed it close. He dropped to the floor.

'It's not here. It's not here.'

'Scott got rid of it.'

'It's not here!'

'It wasn't my fault!'

'The oni killed Allison!'

"It wasn't ME!" Stiles shouted out loud banging to van door.

'No. It was us Stilesss.'

The boy snapped his head around. That voice. The slight hiss on a 's'. The voice that sent chills all over his body. That voice he knew all to well.

But it couldn't be.
It was gone.

"No." He whispered.
"No you're not real." He brought his hands up to his head.
He crumbled to the floor muttering to himself. Only the sound of Alec pulling back the van door did he snap out of it.

"Hey- are you okay?" Alec's eyes widened at the sight of his brother on the floor with a tear streaked face.

"Yeah I'm fine." Stiles hurriedly wiped under his eyes.


"I said I'm fine!" The teenager knew what he was doing. He was repeating the same moves he made first after he was possessed.
He was blocking out anyone that gave a crap about his life. But he didn't care.

Because after losing his dad something happened to the boy.
Even after finding his family he still felt it.
He felt it worse than ever now.
That's what scared him the most.

He didn't feel anything.

He had a void that was eating him up.


I know it's a short chapter but I felt like it had to stop there.

I promise a longer one tomorrow xx

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