Chapter 2

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Zipping up his large, black duffel bag where he kept his shadowhunter equipment, he pulled the strap over his shoulder. He had somehow managed to stuff ordinary clothes and other necessities in it.

Today he was taking trains, buses and hitch-hiking to the New York institute.
Stiles had a plan though. He would buy food and drink at service stations or any passing cheap shops. He would have to make do with the clothes he had with him. Although he didn't have much money.

His phone rang for the hundredth time that morning. Scott had been nonstop calling him, telling him not to leave. Finally the boy answered.


"Don't leave! I need you the pack needs you!" Stiles rolled his eyes walking out his front door locking it.

"No you don't. You never did."

"Yes we did! We do!" His friend sounded frantic over the phone.

"Just stop lying. I have nothing here anymore I'm going to find my family."

"Why? They gave you up!"

"Stop right there McCall you don't know what your talking about."
Stiles said through gritted teeth. 

"Your 'family' left you! They didn't want you! Why would you want to try and find them?"

"Not everyone's life is easy as it is for you Scott! You were given the bite! Popularity! Strength! Even bloody alpha power!" 

"What is wrong with you? You're acting so strange? What happened to the Stiles I knew!"
That was it for Stiles as he was walking down the streets.

"The Stiles you knew?" He laugh sarcastically. "The Stiles you knew was a lie. An act and you didn't even know it. I'm not a bloody weak mundane! And you're defiantly not my best friend."

The shadowhunter hung up the phone in anger.

'I need to get out of Beacon Hills.'


Stiles hopped of the end of the lorry he had managed to get a ride on, he had been standing on the grid above the back wheel holding onto a handle of the doors. It wasn't very safe but it got him to where he wanted to be.

New York.

Stiles knew where the institute was but it was late and all he really wanted is a drink. Stiles was still underage as a 17 year old but he knew where a downworlder club was. His runes were hidden so they won't know he's a shadowhunter and just think he was an innocent mundane.

Once he reached his destination, The Pandemonium, the teen dressed in black, noticed a group of mundanes by a van with Rock Solid Panda spray painted on it.

A couple of vamps looked him up and down in hunger and lust.

He headed into the club going straight to the bar. 

"Give me something, didn't care what."

"Coming right up my lovely." A girl nearly wearing any clothes started working on his drink. Her eyes shining green every so often in the lights.

"Hey can I have three whiskeys?" Stiles looked over to see two of two mundanes from the van outside.

"Celebrating something?" He ask the guy with glasses. 

"Err my friends birthday. I don't know where she went running off though trying to find some guy." He looked down slightly at that. Stiles knew that look to well. He liked the girl, whoever she is, but she doesn't like him like that. It reminded him of Lydia and him.

"What about you?" Glasses asked me. 

"I just want to get drunk. It's been a long day." He looks over at him. "What's your name?"

"Simon why?"

"Well Simon take a piece of advice from someone with experience. Don't follow around a girl that your crushing on forever. You'll just turn into her lap puppy." He looked at me confused but Stiles continued. "And if I was you, I'd get out of this place as soon as you can."
Without letting him respond he downs his drink and walks away carrying my bag still over his shoulder.

The shadowhunter saw a red head in amongst the crowd that looked like the girl who had been beside Simon outside. Rolling my eyes as He sees her grab onto a werewolves arm to get into the vip section.

'Looks like here they have there very own Lydia Martin, she's even got red hair.'

Walking out of the club He started walking down the dark streets. Passing a few people rushing by. Stiles turned a corner to see a demon taking advance on a mundane.

Stiles sprang into action, dropping his bag while taking out his bow and an arrow. Drawing the arrow back he aimed and shot. The demon disappeared into oblivion and He places his bow back into the bag. Pulling the bag over his shoulder once again he walks along past the freaked out, and most likely, drunk mundane.

'Should I go to the institute or just crash somewhere?' Stiles wondered while ignoring the frantic calls of the mundane.

'Nah I don't wanna see my father right now.'

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