Chapter 9

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Jace, Clary and Stiles were headed to a 'biker bar'. It was Jace's plan to steal a vamp bike by using Clary. Though Clary had no idea what was going on and Stiles was in a while new world of his own.

"YOU, stay here. We'll pick you up." Jace aimed at the brunette boy.


"Because I said so." Stiles crosses his arms at Jace's comment.

"Oh what so your Batman taking all the glory while I'm Robin, forgotten and left behind. Don't think so."

"What's Batman?" The teen was astounded by the fact he did t know what Batman was.

"Guys just come on. We need to save Simon." Clary insisted pulling them both along into the pandemonium.

"Yeah hate to break it to you but this looks like no Hotel DuMort." Jace sighed.

"It's not. We're here for something else."


"Just trust me." Jace assured the redheaded girl.

"I don't trust you!" Stiles exclaimed at the two in front of him.

"Shut up." The two say back in sync. Jace and Clary continue into the club leaving Stiles outside.

'Why though sly little bastards. I'm gonna kill them. They left me. OMG I'm Robin. Argh I'm going to-'

Stiles' phone rang snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Err hello?"

"Hello Whiskey it's Magnus."

"Oh hey! How'd you get my number?"

"I stole your phone when you passed out."

"Oh.. okay. So what do you want?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted anything to be done with your little bag of... goodies."

"Oh yeah I completely forgot! Are you doing anything right now?"

"Nope alls clear for as far as I can see. Why?"

"Would you mind bringing it down to your club. Pandemonium."

"Not at all Whiskey. I'll be there at the front entrance in a sec."

"Okay bye."

Stiles hung up. He felt kind of ad that he had forgotten about his bag at Magnus' place.

Sure enough Magnus soon stepped out of a portal stiles' bag in hand.

"Hey thanks so much."

"Oh it's no trouble at all. So how'd everything go with your family?" The warlock asked the boy he had grew to care for as a great friend.

"Actually okay. They even took He information about the... nogitsune, well."

"Ah well that's grand!"

"Yeah and thanks again for bringing my stuff."

"Well your very welcome."

"Yeah" stiles suddenly saw Jace and Clary in a vamp bike and speed away. "Hey! Are you kidding me, they left me!"

"Err who left you?"

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