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Mitch is the first one to wake up the next morning. He knows everyone stayed awake longer than he did, so he just watches Netflix on his phone with earbuds.

He gets more than halfway through 47 Meters Down before he hears someone's voice. He pauses the movie and takes out his earbuds.

"Hi, baby boy." Scott says, voice still low and raspy from just waking up.

"Hi, Scotty."

"You slept the rest of the night, right? You didn't wake up from any nightmares?" Scott asks, sitting up to put an arm around Mitch's shoulders.

"I think I had a small one, but I didn't wake up from it."

Scott kisses his forehead, "You'd wake me up if you had one?"

"What if you're not with me?"

"Then call me or get your parents. I know how you are after those memories, you can't be alone."

"Thank you. It's been two years and you're still patient as ever."

"Of course. And I'll continue to be patient everyday." They sit in a comfortable silence before Mitch realizes his dog isn't with him.

"Is Occhi down here?" Scott looks over at her laying in her dog bed.

"Yeah, she's in her bed." Scott sees the confusion on Mitch's face, "I brought it down last night. I figured you'd want her near you while you slept."

"That was nice of you. What's she doing?"

"Looking at us, I'm assuming she heard her name. Do you want to get coffee for everyone before they wake up?"

"Sure. How long were y'all up last night?"

"I stayed up about an hour later than you, so maybe around midnight. They were still up when I went to sleep, so I doubt they'll be up soon." They get dressed, Mitch wearing one of Scott's shirts, and go to Starbucks.

"You remember where to go?" Mitch asks when they're leaving the house.


"Occhi, Starbucks please." Occhi takes them in the direction of Starbucks, "Take notes, Scotty."

"Ew, I hate taking notes. It's so boring and actually requires paying attention." Mitch rolls his eyes and smiles.

"What if you need it for after college?"

"I don't think I'll need to know that Mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell if I'm going into music, baby." Mitch sticks his tongue out and they shortly arrive at Starbucks.

When they get back to the house, everyone except Avi is awake and talking.

"We got coffee for y'all." Scott announces once they sit down.

"This is why you're my best friends." Kirstie grabs the drink with her name, as does everyone else.

"Scott, wake Avi up." Todrick tells him.

"Why me?"

"It's funny as hell when you do it."

Scott chuckles, "Fair point. Alright, watch this. Kev, I need help." He hands his drink to Mitch and grabs four ice cubes from the freezer that is in the basement before giving two to Kevin.

"On the count of three, you put them in the back of his shirt and I'll put them down his pants. One.. two.. three!" They do what Scott say and Avi jumps up to get the ice out of his shirt and pants. He then looks over at Scott and Kevin, who were laughing their asses off.

"I hate you." They laugh even harder and Kevin has to put his hand on Scott's shoulder so he doesn't fall.

They go upstairs and make breakfast, which takes longer than it should've because Avi, Kevin, and Scott kept throwing flour at each other.

"Ugh, boys. Am I right?" Kirstie asks while she, Todrick, and Mitch actually make the food.

"Girl, tell me about it." Todrick shakes his head.

"If I get hit with one flour bomb, I'm going to flour bomb your favorite dark clothes." Mitch threatens.

"How will you know which is ours?" Kevin asks.

"I have your boyfriend and Avi's girlfriend to help me. I know what Scott's favorite shirt feels like."

"Sometimes I hate that you're smart." Avi comments, making Mitch flip him off.

"Pancakes are done." Kirstie tells them, putting a bunch on a plate.

"Baby, how many do you want?" Scott asks Mitch.

"Two, please." Scott hands the plate to Mitch and they all sit at the table with their food.

"These AP tests are going to kill me." Todrick says as he looks at the schedule for it.

"Which are you taking?"

"Psychology and calculus."

"Oh good I won't be alone for psych. Are we all taking music theory?" Mitch questions.

"Yeah. I'm also taking the English ones with you, love."

"Thank God."

They finish their food and hang out until everyone, but Scott, has to go home.

"Babyyyy." Scott whines.

"Whatttt?" Mitch mocks him and smiles.

"I'm bored, entertain me."

"In what way?"

Scott smirks, "Well we're home alone until tomorrow, I think we should make the most of it." He picks Mitch up and carries him to the bedroom, closing and locking the door behind him after he sets Mitch on the bed.

"This entertaining enough, Scotty?" Mitch asks, biting his lip.

"Mmm, I think I need to see more." Scott lifts off Mitch's shirt before joining him in a heated make out.


HAH no smut yet, gotcha.

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