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The next day comes around and they're back in first period, "Today you'll have more time to talk to your table. I expect all of you to be nice." She looks at Scott, who waves.

"Jayden, what happened to your eye?" Evelyn asks, not so much concerned as she is curious.

"Why don't you ask Scott?" Jayden glares at Scott, who just acts innocent.

"Scotty, what did you do?" Mitch looks to Scott.

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

"I call bull."

"Ouch. You have no proof."

"He has a black eye." Mitch glances as Evelyn, "Right?"

"Yep, you're good." Mitch nods and looks back at Scott.

"You can't see it, therefore it's not there."

"That's not how it—"

"Shhh... you're delusional." Mitch laughs as Scott hugs him.

"You suck." Mitch says after they pull away.

"You swallow."

Mitch runs a hand over his face, "Oh my god."

"You're cute." Scott tells him, making Evelyn 'aww' at them.

"Can I call you Ev?" Mitch asks her.

"Sure, I don't care what people call me."

"Do you want to hang out after school?"

"Sure! I haven't made many friends, people usually talk to me just because they like my accent."

"I'm sorry, Ev. They're stupid."

"Your accent is cool, though." Jayden chimes in.

"Thanks, I guess."

"I assume you all are getting along today?" The teacher asks, glancing at Scott.



"He's being rude."

"I didn't do anything!" Scott defends.

"He's right, Ma'am. Scott didn't do anything wrong." Evelyn backs him up.

"Why should I believe you? Yesterday you—"

"Miss, he didn't do anything wrong yesterday. Jayden threatened me and Scott stood up for me." Mitch jumps in.

"Mhm, sure. I'll be keeping an eye on this table."

She walks away and Mitch stifles a laugh, "I won't."

It's time for choir so they go into the choir room and sit down. It's a free period while the teacher checks the vocal range of the new people.

"Farrell scares me, honestly." Evelyn says when she's told she's next.

"I get that. He's just a big teddy bear. He's really nice, especially for voice testing." Mitch assured her.

"Okay, good."

"Evelyn Altman?"

"I guess I'll be back." She leaves and follows the teacher to the practice room.

"I think she'll be a mezzo." Mitch says after she leaves.

"Me too."

Evelyn comes back after a few minutes and she sits down, "He said that my range could fit all parts, except for bass obviously."

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