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Scott grinds his hips against Mitch's, earning small gasps as he bites Mitch's collar bones. He sits up and takes both of their shirts off before trailing kisses down Mitch's torso, pulling the brunette's pants down a little to leave a mark on his hip.

They had made their way to Scott's bedroom a little while ago, they didn't want to risk Scott's parents coming home and seeing them.


"Always, Scotty."

Scott pulls off Mitch's pants and underwear before he kisses Mitch's inner thighs, lightly nibbling at the sensitive skin as Mitch gasps and whimpers beneath him. Scott moves back up and kisses Mitch.

"Tell me what you need, baby." Scott says into Mitch's ear in a low, husky voice as he reaches down to stroke Mitch teasingly slow.

"I n-need you."

"Need me to what?" Scott starts to stroke Mitch faster, making Mitch almost forget what he was about to say.

"Need you in m-me."


"No." Scott lets go of Mitch, which earns a disappointed whine, and lubes himself up before lining up with Mitch's entrance and slowly pushing in until he bottoms out, giving Mitch time to adjust to the stretch.


"You sure?"

"Yes." Scott pulls out almost all the way before pushing back in, making Mitch close his eyes tightly with his mouth open agape.

"Faster!" Scott picks up the pace and leans down to leave more marks on Mitch's neck and jaw.

Mitch gasps and mouths loudly when Scott hits his prostate, "You like that?"

"Uh-huh." Mitch grips Scott's bicep in his hand as his prostate is abused. Scott captures Mitch's lips in a heated kiss once again when they hear something downstairs.

"Scott? Are you home?" Scott pulls away and freezes. He knows if he doesn't answer, his dad will come in.

"Damn it." Scott breathes, "Yeah, I'm up here with Mitch!" Mitch's eyes widen when he hears footsteps coming up the stairs.

"What are you doing?"

"Me." Mitch whispers, giggling when he hears Scott try not to laugh.

"Nothing much." Scott shifts his weight, causing him to put pressure on Mitch's prostate. Mitch bites his lip hard to make sure no noise escapes. He lets a small whimper out and Scott quickly covers the brunette's mouth.

"Can I come in for a second?"

"Maybe later? I'm kinda buried in something right now."

"Okay, just come down when you're done."

"Will do." He listens as Rick walks down the stairs before he picks up his pace again, Mitch's moans being muffled by Scott's hand. Mitch grabs Scott's hands and interlocks their fingers. Scott needs his hands to keep him up, so he ends up pinning Mitch's hands to the bed.

"I'm close, Scotty."

"Me too, love." Scott lets go of one of Mitch's hands to reach between their bodies to stroke Mitch once again. Scott can tell when Mitch is about to climax because his breathing starts to pick up a lot more as he tries to keep quiet. Mitch starts to let out a moan when he releases, but Scott is quick to kiss him to muffle any sounds he makes as they ride out their orgasms.

Scott gently pulls out and cleans them off before collapsing on the bed next to Mitch, both of them breathing heavy.


"We almost got caught." Mitch breaths, making Scott laugh.

"We did. Oh my god."

Mitch laughs as well and he imitates Scott, "'I'm kinda buried in something.' Oh my—that was great." They find their composure and put on clothes before going back downstairs.

"You boys took a long time. What were you doing?" Rick asks again.

"Just playing a game, Twister. I won."

"No, I did." Mitch defends.

"No, you collapsed first. I held out longer, so I win."

"Mitch wins. He can't see it, you could be sabotaging him when you tell him where to go."

Mitch laughs and high fives Rick, "Come at me!" He says to Scott, who shakes his head and laughs.

"What did you need us for?" Scott asks. Rick sighs and tells the boys to sit down.

"Connie isn't giving up the whole custody thing."


"Seriously. We have to go to court tomorrow."

"Okay. Can I get a tattoo today?" Rick and Mitch are surprised at Scott's reaction.

"I mean.. yeah. We don't have anything else going on, I'll pay for it." They go to the tattoo parlor and Rick signs the consent form so Scott can get one.

While he's getting his tattoo, Mitch looks at Rick, "Will you sign off on me piercing my septum?"

"I absolutely will. Wouldn't your parents kill me?"

"They couldn't care less about it. They think it's my body and I should decorate it how I want." Rick texts Nel to make sure before signing off on the piercing as well. Mitch gets that done, and a little while later Scott's tattoo is finished.

Rick pays for them and they leave the parlor, "What did you get?" Mitch asks when they're in the car.

"I got Lindsay's birthday with a heart next to it on the top part of my wrist."

"How long has it been?"

"Almost four years. She would be 21 in a few weeks." Mitch kisses Scott's cheek and rests his head on the blond's shoulder as they sit in a comfortable silence the whole way home.


Wow okay

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