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Scott and Mitch are now walking around on the boardwalk and Mitch is partly regretting not bringing Occhi. He knows that she needs a small break because she hasn't been feeling very well, luckily Mitch trusts Scott with his life.

"What should we do now?" Mitch asks, looking up at Scott.

"I don't know.. maybe we could— Wait move to the right." Mitch obeys, moving to the right until Scott stops him and they continue walking.

"We could go to the amusement park?" Scott suggests.

"I don't have anything.."

"I brought your cane, I know it's not your favorite thing to use but it's better than nothing."

"Thank you." They walk over to a bench so Scott can get the cane from his bag and give it to Mitch.

"What do you want to go on first?"

"The Music Express?" Mitch suggests. The Music Express is a ride where you sit in a car that goes in circles at a fairly fast speed. Mitch liked it before he went blind, but he still likes it because there's lots of bright lights and sort of glittery looking decorations, which are the only two things he can still see. The lights have to be bright and/or it has to be dark out for him to be able to see them.

"Let's go then." Mitch casually grabs Scott's hand as they walk to the ride, not having to wait long because there was hardly a line. They get on and put their stuff at the bag drop before getting in one of the cars.

"Scotty, look!" Mitch points to a small glimpse of the shimmery lights he can see, which makes Scott smile.

"They're like you, love."

"They can't see?" Mitch asks, trying to keep a straight face.

Scott laughs, "I was going to say you're both beautiful, but that works too. The ride is about to start, by the way." The ride starts to slowly move before it picks up and goes full speed, Mitch laughing and squealing as he falls into Scott.

It ends after about two minutes and the boys get off to go to the Speedway cars, where you can drive fake cars around a course.

"I call driving!" Mitch says as they wait in line.

"Ugh, fine." Scott playfully groans. They get their car and Mitch gets in the driver's seat, waiting for Scott to tap his leg to tell him to go.

"There's no brake, so just ease up on the gas to stop." Scott tells him as they start going, giving him directions every once in a while.

"Am I doing okay?"

"You're doing great, baby. Just start to stop because something's wrong with one of the cars in front of us."

Mitch breaks smoothly, "This is fun, I should do this with a real car."

"You can in my car."


"You can go now. I'll take you driving sometime, if you want. Like, in an empty parking lot."

"Yay! When?"

"How about the last day of school?"

"That's so far." Mitch whines.

"Left. It's literally three days away, love." Mitch turns the car left.

"Three days too far. Is that my anniversary present?"

"No, you'll like your present way more than you'll like driving." They finish the Speedway and decide to play some arcade games.

"What about the balloon dart game?"

"Sure." Scott takes him to the game and gives him the darts. He stands behind Mitch and aims his hand, "Throw it." Mitch hears the balloon pop and he claps before they do the same thing again. They get nine out of the ten darts to pop the balloons, which earns them a stuffed animal.

"Goat or llama?"

"Goat, definitely."

"Oh right, you got a llama last time." He turns to the worker, "The goat, please."

"Green or blue collar?"

"Which goes better with my room?"

"The dark green." The worker hands Scott the goat, to which Scott gives it to Mitch.

"Thanks, baby."

"Cute nicknames are my thing." Scott jokes.

Mitch laughs, "I'm coming for your brand, sweetheart."

"Yeah, stop it." They laugh and leave the park before going back home, Mitch falling asleep on the ride home.

"You're sure I can borrow your parents' house in the mountains for the week?" Scott asks his friend, Matt, on the phone.

"Yeah, they don't have a problem with it. They think it's really sweet what you're doing. There's a guest room that you guys can sleep in, so you don't feel weird in their room or mine."

"Thanks, I owe you."

"Yeah, you could set me up with a girl to pay me back."

Scott chuckles, "Kayla West doesn't stop talking about you, ask for her number."

"Thanks, dude."

"No problem, bye."

"Bye." Scott hangs up as he pulls into the driveway. He picks Mitch up and almost 'aww's when he sees Mitch holding the stuffed animal tightly. He carries him inside and lays him on the bed before running back out to get the rest of their stuff and hang it up to dry. He comes back and strips himself down to his boxers before doing the same for Mitch, knowing he'll be uncomfortable otherwise.

He cleans up the room a little bit until he sees Mitch sit up and feel around the bed, Scott assumes he's looking for him.

"Hi, baby." Mitch looks at him.

"What're you doing?" He asks, rubbing his eye like a child.

"I was just cleaning up a bit, you alright?"


"Yeah, one second, love."


"I know, Angel, I'm almost done." Scott quickly finishes and lays down next to Mitch, who grabs his hand for guidance as he straddles Scott's waist before laying down completely on top of him.

"Can I sleep like this?"

"If you want to, baby."

"Am I too fat?"

"You're not fat, my love. You're very skinny and very light, I promise. You weigh, like, a pound."

"Okay.. thank you."

"You're welcome, sweet boy. I love you."

"I love you, too." Mitch tucks his face in the crook of Scott's neck as they both drift off.


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