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Mitch locks the door and rests his head against it for a few seconds before turning around, "Scotty!" He doesn't get a reply, so he calls Occhi, "Where's Scott, girl?" He puts his hand on her back as she guides him to his room, where Scott is sitting on the bed trying not to cry.

"Scotty?" He holds his hand out and Scott takes it, gently pulling him next to him.

"I'm unloveable, Mitch." Scott starts crying.

"That couldn't be further from the truth, so many people love and adore you."

"B-But she—" Mitch moves himself to sit on Scott's lap, legs on either side of his hips, and holds Scott's face in his hands.

"You trust me?"


"You love me?"


"I love you too. I'm in love with you, so much that I can describe it. I never thought I'd love someone after.. him.. but you came along and now you're the love of my life. You're not unloveable, she knew that would hurt you and that's why she said it."

"How do you know that?"

"Do you want me to call your dad?"

Scott hesitates at first but nods, knowing it's best. Mitch calls Rick, who shows up about 10 minutes later. He sits down on the bed next to Scott, Mitch not bothering to move off of his lap as he rests his head on Scott's shoulder and holds his hand.

"What happened?"


"What about her?" Scott explains what happened.

"That— God I hate her. I'll get full custody if you want me to."

"Isn't that really hard, though?"

"Your boyfriend has a lawyer for a mother, I'll be fine."

"As long as you're sure.. wouldn't want you to be stuck with someone as unloveable as me."

"You. Are. Not. Unloveable. We love you so much, Scott. I know it's easy to believe what she tells you, but listen to us."

"Thanks, dad."

"I'll call Nel and see what I need to do. You're okay if I leave?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Love you."

"I love you too, bud. Thanks for calling me, Mitch."

"Of course. Bye, Rick."

"Bye." He leaves and Scott looks down at Mitch.

"You're the best."

"Yeah." Scott chuckles and nudges Mitch's head up to kiss him passionately.

"I love you, baby boy. Thank you for helping me."

"I love you too, Scotty. What do you wanna do now?"

Scott sort of ignores Mitch's question, "What's going to happen?"

"Well, you've been through this before when they got divorced so it'll just be that essentially."

"I was 14 when that happened, I tried not to remember."

"The judge will ask about their current financial statuses, especially your dad because he's the one trying to get full custody and the judge will need to know if Connie needs to pay child support. Your dad will have to explain what he wants and since you're 17, the judge may ask what you think is best. He'll be asked what communication with Connie is like and, again, you may be asked as well."

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